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I have always been known as an emotional roller coaster. I needed to find an outlet to my emotions that did not involve breaking glass or new drywall. Over the past few months I have realized what the power of writing can do for me! I have learned that when I have so many thoughts and feelings building up inside of me, when I feel like I just need ...

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Why Dont You See?

Its hard to describe how I feel right now.
I want to explain it but I don't know how.
I can not believe that it has come to this.
It's our world too, not just his
No matter how hard all of us try,
It seems like he will never hear us cry.
It feels like all we did was beg, scream, and yell,
but he just did'nt hear us...., it was a living hell.
The little boy all he wants is his Daddys' acceptance,
but the fathers too busy keeping his distance.
The little boy is so curious, he has so many, 'Whys? ',
but the fathers so stubborn, why won't he open his eyes.?
The little girl all she wants is to spend quality time with her Dad,
but the father just doesn't get it... it breaks her heart and makes her so sad.
The little girl just wants to be his princess, to be adored and be seen,
she asks her mother in confusion, 'Does he know I'm almost thirteen? '
Then finally the woman who all she ever needed was just him.
The man just kept on leaving and sadly their light began to dim.
She gave him her all and trusted him with every bit of herself.
He didn't see that the distance made her feel like he just put their love on the back of an old rickety shelf.
The poor man was so blind, he never saw it coming, his entire life just falling apart.
She tried telling him so many times, she needed him to stay with her, to fix her broken heart.
The heart that had been broken, by the one who she trusted the most.
she asked him to stay there with her, but his presence became a cold distant ghost.
The days became weeks of sadness, emptyness and pain,
Why could'nt he just quit fishing? The man had so much to gain.
The woman slowly lost hope, clung to a strangers effortless attention.
Became lost in her own world of confusion and apprehension.
If only the man would have stopped to See the woman who desperately loved him disappear.
The end may not have manifested and brought forth, their worst possible fear.

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Tiffany Baldwin Popularity

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