Michael Shepherd Time Poems

Be My Space-Time Einstein Valentine

Valentine's, you missed it, too bad, he left no forwarding address-
I watched from the pub window
as a van from a high-class Consultant on

! ! Why Should I Take Your Time...?

Why should I take your time
describing in loving detail
the day so many years ago
when I smelt the air on a cliff-top –

To Hn: A Nonsense Rhyme For A Troublous Time

bind your books
in crocodile skin


what would earth be

without rain?

! A Good Man In An Evil Time

This is the story I was told – I’ve omitted
the details which might identify
and narrow down the nation,
the place, the family, the man…

0026 Why Waste Time

Why waste time
on searching rhyme
unless the knowledge wants to sing?

0021 Under The Bridge Of Time

Oui, c'est beaux, le jardin... at this time of year;
mais... for myself,
a little too overgrown – but Monsieur
prefers it that way… you see him down there

00401 The First Time

There's a first time
for everything
said God
giving the Word

Oh It Can Happen Any Time

it can happen any time
and there’s no place which is
too improbable for it or
cannot be contained in it

Time, Perhaps

Time perhaps, for wonder –
to look around in awe
at how all that surrounds us
has somehow come about..

! It's Time For A Little Timelessness

I said to the stone,
What time is it?
The stone was silent.

0009 Rococo Time

It’s part of the tourism thing –
you stick your nose, more in duty than in hope,
into the local church;
the flowers at least

! Rock, Stone, Sand, Wind, Time, Eternity

the sculptor,
called to the great task; through
the huge columns, ringing echoes even with a sandal’s tread,
the stone chamber,

! Portraits After Death; Rhyme After Time

and a poet I was reading yesterday
said, have you noticed
that portraits of people change
after they die?