Timothy Lee Hollandsworth Jr.

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  • Ever Loyal (1/28/2010 4:23:00 PM)

    Yes I still enjoy reading your poems. They're interesting.

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  • Brittany Messersmith (4/28/2007 2:25:00 PM)

    You crack me up! I guess you're not that bad! I'm kidding you're a great person and im really glad that i got to know you and all that other happy stuff!
    Tonz of love,

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Best Poem of Timothy Lee Hollandsworth Jr.

Broken In The Field Of Dreams

When was it that the moon stopped it's wonderful glow?
How was it that the stars ceased to shine?
Where was it that the sun cried out the night?
Why is it that the clouds must mask our truths?

The sky bleeds a wonderful blue.
Encouraging the dreams of two.
The meadows sing their enchanting song.
Lusting for the love missed so long.

Colors Swirl around and about.
The passion can't help but to scream and shout.
To come so close, but never to touch.
The curse of the dream, falls on many as such.

Stand tall, stand proud, stand strong.
They all...

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Where was the sky,
When the clouds came tumbling?
Where was the world,
When the ground started crumbling?
Where was that place,
We were supposed to meet?
Where was tomorrow,
When yesterday is still crowding the street?