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They are thrown about here and there.
They are tossed around without any care.
Promises are made.
Lies have been told today.

Chills run down my spine
When you call me yours.
Do they, when I call you mine?
Together, we can open any doors.

In shadow it's clouded
Hidden behind dark veil
In black it is shrouded
A cold body's tale

When was it that the moon stopped it's wonderful glow?
How was it that the stars ceased to shine?
Where was it that the sun cried out the night?
Why is it that the clouds must mask our truths?

I remember when I would hold you here.
I never wanted you to leave.
I only wanted just to keep you near.
Babe, you're the one I need.

Starry night like this
Always took her breath away
She would be so speechless
Innocent and full of play

Hey there, how ya been?
What's goin' on? How ya doin'?
Me? I've been fine.

Silhouettes stand around.
My eyes look down.
I see nothing, but my feet feel the ground.
My ears are taken over

I want to write the most beautiful words for you
There just don't seem enough to say what I feel
I want you to know just what is in my head
Before you lay tonight with someone else in your bed


To have a heart of gold
Only means that everybody wants a piece
Only lust lies within
Only lust in the hearts of men

'm not really sure where I'm going,
but I know where I've been.
I know I've been there before,
but I can't remember when.


The wind's cold whisper
Sends a warning
Feel soft drops on skin
Shivers in your back

Looking back at this old life
What was it for?
Living the same as everyone else
And now there's nothing more.


When the rhythm gets in your blood
When the the sound is in your veins
When you lose control
When you go insane

Call it the Devil’s music
Well, the Devil didn’t make me do it.
I do it ’cuz it’s loud,
’cuz it’s fun. I do it for the hell of it.

On a night time ride
Find that nothing's left.
Not a thing in sight.
I’m going to my death.

Immortal race and
An abominable nation
With a passion for Elimination.

I won't be treated like some disease.
I'm not going away.
You can shoot, but I won't bleed.
I'm here to stay.

Here we are again.
The familiar gray of ash
Falls from fire and flame.
From far away, I hear it calling.

The girl that wasn't
She never was
She didn't know how to be
It was all just too much

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They are thrown about here and there.
They are tossed around without any care.
Promises are made.
Lies have been told today.
Promises are broken.
Of course, apologies are spoken.

'I'm sorry, ' they say.
Sorry is just a word.
They're not ones wanted to be heard.
For, I'm sorry to say,
They cannot change yesterday.

What's in a word? It's simply a sound.
Words are everything, words are nothing.
You can make your promises.
You can gaurantee.
I won't be happy, untill I can see.

What's in a word?
What's in a lie?
Why do you insist upon
Saying nothing with everything?
Instead, say everything with nothing.

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Ever Loyal 28 January 2010

Yes I still enjoy reading your poems. They're interesting.

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Brittany Messersmith 28 April 2007

You crack me up! I guess you're not that bad! I'm kidding you're a great person and im really glad that i got to know you and all that other happy stuff! Tonz of love, Brittany

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