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I’ve lost better poems than this
Boxes crammed
Notebooks full abandoned
Under rapid retreat

Like rain
Water her words
I drink them
Like poetry

I got monkeys' on my back
But I’m not gonna send ‘em packing
It’s comforting to have them there
It’s nice to know that someone cares

On a cold steel table
Deep in the
Antiseptic gray green brick basement of
Some government building

He handed me the
Chocolate doughnut

Wadd'ya think the possibilities are
That you could see your way clear
To consider the chance and maybe

Are you mens sana he asked
I told him I wasn’t aware of the facts

Are you compos mentis he inquired again

It’s early January
Early morning
My feet are cold on the bathroom tile
And that’s not my face


The bell chimes
Soft tone calls
People into line
All good

This morning is a poetry morning
And I am on fire
Fire in my brain

Sitting on a crumbling couch
Spilling toward the middle where
Bear of a man
Wraps a tube around his arm

The heart does not have a plan
A time table
The heart acts on impulse desire

Outside my house
There are these flowers
That open with the sun like violet fire
And when I see them I think to myself

This is not America
Home of the free and the brave
My country tis’ of thee
Sweet land of liberty

Tom Foster Biography

Born a small wooden boy Tom was sent to school, but got distracted and joined a traveling show instead. Becoming disalusioned he left the theatre and ran with the wrong crowd eventually becoming a real ass. Later he was swallowed, then escaped, from a whale. As of late he works helping other wooden people find thier place in the world. He still dreams that someday he'll become a real boy)

The Best Poem Of Tom Foster


I’ve lost better poems than this
Boxes crammed
Notebooks full abandoned
Under rapid retreat
Scribbled on a Del taco napkin or
On the back of the phone bill
Thrown away with the trash

Once in awhile one returns to me
Flash of insight like
When walking or
Mowing the lawn
Sometimes I remember them vaguely
A title
A clever phrase
Other times nothing
Not even enough to
Miss what I’ve forgotten
Only the knowledge that
I have indeed
Lost better poems than this

Tom Foster Comments

Don Jackson 15 August 2020

Are you the same Tom Foster who read at Portfolio with Tom Rush and Gary Tomlinson in '92?

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Bob Fletcher 15 October 2013

Loved in and out of my hands, made me laugh out loud

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Derek R. Audette 30 October 2004

Hi Tom! I just wanted to say thanks for the kind comments that you left on my poetry page. I’ve read all of your above poems and enjoyed them immensely. Excellent work! Although, there are only 5 of them posted right now. I hope you have plans to Post a few more in the near future. Take care, and keep up the good work! -Derek

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Tom Foster Popularity

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