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All this violence, pain and sorrow,
makes me sad and wonder for tomorrow.
Can we all not live in peace?
When will this lunacy and chaos

I'm sitting here in my Dark Place,
afraid to look at the shadow of my face.
I think it's sunny outside, as I peak through the curtain, but I don't even know this for certain.
Oh Lord, I'm here in the pit! Why did send you me here?

I sat down to read my book,
I heard a knock at my door.
My heart sank like a stone,
I didn't want to talk anymore.

I gaze at the beauty and calm of the lake,
For my eyes do not fail me and not a mistake.
I glance one more time and then again,
No doubt in my mind, this is Nature My Friend.

What is My Life? I really don't know?
Up and down, here and there, to and fro.
No strength, energy or on fire passion,
Just filled with music and outdated fashion.

It's raining outside I can hear the pitter patter
Getting louder and louder like the Mad Hatter;
I don't think it will stop.
Watching the rain come down and listen to it chatter.

The Incline Railway what a wonderful sight,
A Man made car on a downhill flight.
It was built in a time where Men wore top hats,
And walked into pubs just to say congrats.

People are afraid of their past, scared of the present! Right now today;
They close their eyes and start to pray!

Why, so afraid of the past?

Accedia? What Accedia? sloth or laziness?
Sorry, but I cannot grasp the craziness.
Accedia? What Accedia? I don't understand?
Sadness covers me like the warmest blanket, God forgive, if I become complacent.

I sit on the bench and watch the kids play,
This is my Hamilton, home by the Bay

The school of geese following their Mother,

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The Enemy Within

All this violence, pain and sorrow,
makes me sad and wonder for tomorrow.
Can we all not live in peace?
When will this lunacy and chaos

The weak, the homeless and poor, there must be a solution, I'm sure?
We all need to help and pitch in,
to absolve us of, the Enemy Within!

The politics and governments, all
We the people have the power, to make them shut- up!
Their lies and promises are wearing thin, they are the Monsters and the Enemy Within!

We need to all band together and pray to the Lord!
Ask for the strength and patience to move forward.
We must stand together and all be in, to stop and destroy, the Enemy Within!

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The late, great Jim Morrison, lead singer for The Doors. Who went to University in California to study Poetry. Who once said, I write poems, not to write songs, but to prevent insanity.

Emily Dickinson Gradual Decent Into Loss The Heart Asks Pleasure First— And Then Excuse From The Pain - And Then - Those Little Anodynes That Deaden Suffering- And Then To Go To Sleep- And Then - If It Should Be The Will Of The Inquisitor- The Privilege To Die!

" All the World's a stage. We are all actors, on this stage, called life." Some us though, sell our souls to the Devil." Marlon Brando- Brando!

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