The Enemy Within Poem by Tony Giannotti

The Enemy Within

Rating: 4.7

All this violence, pain and sorrow,
makes me sad and wonder for tomorrow.
Can we all not live in peace?
When will this lunacy and chaos

The weak, the homeless and poor, there must be a solution, I'm sure?
We all need to help and pitch in,
to absolve us of, the Enemy Within!

The politics and governments, all
We the people have the power, to make them shut- up!
Their lies and promises are wearing thin, they are the Monsters and the Enemy Within!

We need to all band together and pray to the Lord!
Ask for the strength and patience to move forward.
We must stand together and all be in, to stop and destroy, the Enemy Within!

The Enemy Within
This poem reflects reflects my feelings of government and greedy and corrupt Corporations
Chinedu Dike 05 June 2022

Well conceived and nicely put together with conviction, a thoughtful creation.

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Tony Giannotti 06 June 2022

Thank you Chinedu! I appreciate your comments and thoughtful words.

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Anna 02 July 2022

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Nabakishore Dash 01 July 2022

A very great appealing poem.Congrats to u for being POD and the insight imbued in your brilliant writing.

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Tony Giannotti 02 July 2022

Thank you so much Nabakishore, for your very kind words and support. I'm happy you enjoyed the poem

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John Bordo 30 June 2022

Very nice poem

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Tony Giannotti 30 June 2022

Thank you John for your positive comment on my poem. I'm happy you enjoyed it!

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Brook Renwick 30 June 2022

So true

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Corruption is the enemy within that gnaws at, eat into, everything we have and cherish.great poem. Bold and beautiful

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