My Dark Place Poem by Tony Giannotti

My Dark Place

Rating: 4.5

I'm sitting here in my Dark Place,
afraid to look at the shadow of my face.
I think it's sunny outside, as I peak through the curtain, but I don't even know this for certain.
Oh Lord, I'm here in the pit! Why did send you me here?
I sit alone, my company, my Fear!

Is this punishment for my sinning
soul? If so, please no more, it's taking its toll!
I pray for a light at the end of the tunnel.
My spirit is draining, down that ever present funnel!
Forgive me My Lord, I've betrayed your will, as I sit in my Dark Place, forever still!

Bri Edwards 13 August 2022

4 stars

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Bri Edwards 13 August 2022

I like the rhyming.

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Bri Edwards 13 August 2022

'Peek, peak, and pique: they sound the same but mean very different things.' You should use 'peek' in line 4. : )

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Bri Edwards 13 August 2022

I like this and feel it could be more 'polished' if you proofread it (more) . I especially liked tunnel/funnel. Welcome to PH. : )

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Tony Giannotti 21 August 2022

Thanks Bri for your feedback and critique of my poem! It very much appreciated.

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The Dark phase of live is always short, for "If winter is here, can spring be far be? " Let us look for the brighter days. Nice poem. Good.

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