Tricia Mae Chua

Rookie - 34 Points (1975 / Philippines)

Tricia Mae Chua Poems

1. Driving To Work 9/16/2007
2. The White Ogre 9/16/2007
3. An Afternoon Visit 9/16/2007
4. Rain Poem #2 10/19/2007
5. Plain And Simple Truths 10/21/2007
6. Shimmering Diamonds 12/24/2007
7. Potent Magic 12/25/2007
8. Sacred Sustenance To The Soul 1/6/2008
9. Moonsicles 1/6/2008
10. Heart Sight 2/20/2008
11. Deep, Deep Silence: A Poem For My Father 3/31/2008
12. To My Lover: A Quiet Longing 4/17/2008
13. Poetic Gestation 7/15/2008
14. Rain Poem #3 10/12/2008
15. Bed Corners 10/12/2008
16. Land Of Endless Grace 10/12/2008
17. Beauty In Broken Glass 1/11/2009
18. Ragdoll 1/11/2009
19. Waiting 1/17/2009
20. First Job 1/20/2009
21. Keeping Company With Words 3/28/2009
22. Barely Dawn 3/28/2009
23. Sweet Dreams 5/11/2009
24. Prince Charming 5/13/2009
25. Numinous Light 5/30/2009
26. Tension And Release 8/31/2009
27. Little Lost Boy 9/29/2009
28. Epiphany Of The Senses: A Bacterial Hosanna To Life 5/14/2010
29. Evening After-Work Retreat 9/26/2010
30. Pink April Showers 5/6/2007
31. Tethered 9/16/2007
32. Bookends To A Decade 10/21/2007
33. Winter Wren In Four Parts 11/1/2007
34. Grandma Madeleine 11/6/2007
35. The Child In My Arms 11/12/2007
36. Singing To Myself 11/12/2007
37. Where Does One Begin? 11/18/2007
38. One Cool December Morning 12/8/2007
39. Cloudscape 6/9/2013
40. The Perfect Card 9/16/2007

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  • Tanna (2/4/2018 3:29:00 AM)

    do you have kids? are you married? How old are you? where do you live? What is your hobby? Why did you decide to write poems? Did anyone or anything inspire you to write poems? when were you born? Where were you born? What year were you born? out of all the poems you have written, which is your favourite? (i am asking these questions because at school we are doing an oral about an author so i chose you)

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Best Poem of Tricia Mae Chua

Long Life (Life Is Too Short, But Just Long Enough)

Life is too short to be spent
griping about the past,
things you don't have,
places you haven't seen,
things you haven't done.

Life is too short to be spent
holding grievances against another,
finding fault in your brother,
counting the wrongs done on you.

Life is just long enough
to enjoy the beauty of a sunrise
the smell of wet earth
and the sound of laughter
after a long day's work.

Life is just long enough
to practice compassion and generosity,
to comfort the grieving,
to lend strength to the fainthearted,
and ...

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The White Ogre

Shifty looks
A tempest brewing
Snake slithering
under white knotty skin
ready to spring

A giant ogre
eyeing me menacingly
through slits
as cold as ice

Poisonous looks
barring me entry
Deadly pale
concealing the rage
burning inside.

(February 7,2004 / Philippines)

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