Tricia Mae Chua Poems

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Long Life (Life Is Too Short, But Just Long Enough)

Life is too short to be spent
griping about the past,
things you don't have,
places you haven't seen,

One Inopportune Moment

You were a young leaf
A flapping shimmer of green
In the early spring sunshine
Happy, joyous

Goodbye, My Childhood Home

Even now I dream of you
In different forms and guises.
Simple joys of aery days—
Rooster crows to greet the morning,

Sitting In Stillness

The day opens with a gray nondescript sky
Yellowing leaves strewn haphazardly
on the patchy lawn below my bedroom window.
The air motionless outside except for an occasional breeze

First Job

It was a long time ago...
that place that looked more like a garage than a school.
I never realized it for that,
nor did the children inside my small cramped classroom.

Early Morning Delight

Here is my early morning delight…
Lying together with you in a tangled heap of soft warm flesh just before dawn;
Chest to chest with your legs entwined in mine.
Your arms envelope me and draw me in closer until we come face to face.

Pink April Showers

Delicate pink petals
Raining down like confetti
On this gusty spring day.


A goat rope-bound by its neck
To a stake on the ground
The thing its center
and yet its bane

The Perfect Card

I scan through the cards on the shelf.
The simplest of tasks
Seems like the hardest thing for me to do,
trying to pick the right one for you.

Rain Poem #1

Thinking of you
Rain pouring down
Dry oak leaves
Dark night embracing