One Inopportune Moment Poem by Tricia Mae Chua

One Inopportune Moment


You were a young leaf
A flapping shimmer of green
In the early spring sunshine
Happy, joyous
Frolicsome and gay.

Without warning
Nor portent in the wind,
Tragedy struck you down.
Plucked forcefully from the branch
Before your destined time.

One inopportune moment
Turned your world
Into a dizzy spiral,
A broken melody,
A shattered cry.

Now you lie motionless,
Your life halted
Your body wounded.
Soul seeking to live
Barely there, hanging on.
Please hang on.
Please live.

(October 15,2007/ 9: 35 P.M./ Bowie, Maryland/Got news of cousin Nathan’s accident.)

Tricia Mae Chua 06 July 2016

I want to offer you all a postscript on my cousin Nathan. Almost 9 years later, Nathan has made a remarkable recovery. Just this past weekend, I watched him marry his longtime sweet heart and soulmate. He will be traveling from his home state in Oregon to Vermont to pursue his PhD studies in counseling there. The events of the past decade have been so transformative for him. I am proud of the man he has become.

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Gabby Ness 22 February 2008

Tricia, My name is Gabby and I am an exchange student in Poland right now. I don't know if i ever met your cousin but i might have. and if you don't mind me asking what city is he living in in Austria? I know it must be hard right now. But being an exchange student here things like this are scary and can happen to us at any given moment. we are flying alone over here and all we have is the comfort of knowing that there is somebody waiting and hoping that we come home safe and soon. He'll be alright, no matter what. I may have never gotten the oportunity to meet you cousin, but I may have. Seeing as I am so close to Austria you never know, i may just meet him after all and tell him that your poem inspired me to pray for him and to go meet him. Just stay strong and pray. He'll be ok. wś ź ystkiegó najlepś ż egó ~Gabby

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Ray Lucero 16 October 2007

Tricia, In any given moment we can offer positive thoughts for those stricken down. I will hold such thoughts for Nathan...and for you dear sister. Peace, Ray

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