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Will You Marry Me?

Will you marry me?
After knowing you for so long,
I want to you to take me on an adventure
So I can investigate your beauty in every way,

Beauty And The Beast

Beauty with gentles eyes and soft voice
she has a touch thats full of magic
a smile that's seen by everyone, by everything
as she walks by...boys whistle, girls look with


Beauty...what is it?
is it life or death?
is it fire and flames from hell or
gentle angels and happinese from heaven?

A Close Stranger

Everyone's growing, changing their characters
They're all going with their will, somewhere far away,
While thinking that they aren't leaving anyone behind,
They are changing, becoming strangers that she once called ‘friends'

Can'T You See Me

When you smile at me,
a smile appears in my face with a broken heart

when you joke with me, i tease you,

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