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Will you marry me?
After knowing you for so long,
I want to you to take me on an adventure
So I can investigate your beauty in every way,

Beauty with gentles eyes and soft voice
she has a touch thats full of magic
a smile that's seen by everyone, by everything
as she walks by...boys whistle, girls look with

Beauty...what is it?
is it life or death?
is it fire and flames from hell or
gentle angels and happinese from heaven?

Everyone's growing, changing their characters
They're all going with their will, somewhere far away,
While thinking that they aren't leaving anyone behind,
They are changing, becoming strangers that she once called ‘friends'

When you smile at me,
a smile appears in my face with a broken heart

when you joke with me, i tease you,

Good bye, my lover
Good bye, my friend
You have been the one for me
It's time to say

Its dark, im alone
just sitting, doin nothing
this isnt my house, this isn't my place
why did they let me in?

I'm depressed, sick of life
sick of people, sick of them
sick of college, sick of my past
sick of this world and i'm sick of

I lost hope, i lost faith,
im just a lonely girl,
what can i say?
where can i start from?

I'm young, little, a child
he doesn't feel that
he doesn't know that
he doesn't see it like that

There's something but nothing
there's a thing but what is it?
there is something that wont go
what is this thing?

It's true, i want to hold you
it's true, i want to kiss you
it's true, i want to love you
it's true, i want you all to myself

Im here complaining about you, dont you ever complain about me?
im here talking about you, dont you hever talk about me?
im here thinking about you, dont you ever think about me?

A tear that no one cares about
A tear that's crying for love
A tear that belongs to me
A tear that has only one wish

I remember your sweet smile
I remember your deep dimple
I remember your touch, your hugs
I remember your voice

He hit me like is was nothing,
He hit me while seeing the fear in my eyes,
He hit while there were tears running down
My face to save their lives

I hate you, can't put it into words
You're the worst, God, I'm cursed,
You're a distraction to my life,
You're the nightmare that I'm trying to hide from

When I first laid my eyes on you,
the sun showed its power,
nature showing its beauty,
warning us how it can change

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Will You Marry Me?

Will you marry me?
After knowing you for so long,
I want to you to take me on an adventure
So I can investigate your beauty in every way,
I want to make memorise with the one I love, you,
Will you hold my hand all the way?

Will you marry me?
Love me for who I am,
Travel the world together,
Make our own family
And a place that we can call ‘home',
Will you be the love of my life?

Will you marry me?
Spend your days and nights with me,
Let's smile and cry together,
Let's spend our life as one
In happiness and in sadness,
Will you be my shoulder?

Will you marry me?
I want to be old while you're sat next to me,
I know you're the one for me and
I don't want to lose you so let me
Put a diamond ring in your finger,
All I want you to say is ‘I do'

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