Tristian Ford Poems

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Entangled Roots

The apogee of my growth is dazzling to anyone's eye, I'm just another tree pointing to the sky.
Once Covered with Smooth, dark-gray bark, now after all this time of becoming fissured and scaly with age that only hurt when they turn brown, or winter over my stage.
Yet, my growth and beauty are on every viewer's first page.
The three-sided, rigid leaves scatter along my long shoots, and clustered dense tufts at the end of short spurs.

Jupiter Tree #2

After a long journey in the wilderness, 
I saw a beautiful tree on the path.
 A sense of infinite peace brooded over the distance. 
The glooming sun cast a rosy hue across the evening sky. Golden fingers of sunlight lit up the path with love, trust, and purpose, leading to this anomaly which made its intention fascinating.

It stood about 14 feet tall,
with low-spreading shrubs and long trailing branches. 
Its evergreen needle-like leaves stirred with the breeze, bending but never breaking. 
In such a way, it seemed to be telling a secret sweeter than the sea or the sky whispers, 
and it was speaking to no one but me.

Respecting the command with one foot in front of the other.

You Are

You are a person
No matter what kind of person
The person you become is up to you
The things that make you that person;

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