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My heart is bleeding
for the one who was leading,
now I'm just fleeing
coz I thought you heard my pleading.

will i suffer my whole life,
coz your face is in the dark?
the laughter i once knew
only taunts me in my dreams,

to be or not to be?
to live or to die?
to fly or to fall?
to love or to hate?

your secret lies are dragging me down
I can't hold on to your truth
every word's slipping away
locked up in your fiction

A heat of the moment
to blame on love
to blame on anything and everything
but to blame myself.

stars swimming in the midst of the ocean
laughing and dancing out in the open
cheeky and mysterious they maybe
with my dreams hidden within them.

A single touch burns my flesh
waves of electricity passes through
how so you make my heart
drum a thousand songs

Your eyes stone cold like shiny pebbles
Penetrates me as it pierces my heart.
Take over me, control me, I give myself to you
I'm drowning in your depth


Fear is like a poison
that roams through my veins
But its also a cure
that takes away my pain! !

The blackness is my light
It consumes my every thought,
The sun is like an allergy
That will never disappear til twilight comes crawling.

No emotions behind these eyes
caged thoughts and feeings hidden within
signs of laughter erased from these lips
standing hard with a smirk to cover the traces of happiness.

your kiss now a memory
still lingering on my lips
eyes so mysterious
I'm lost under your gaze

I'm a sinner
No better than a murderer
Consumed with jealousy
ever so often

you hold on too tight
but I can't break free from this prison
I'm bleeding inside
for your release, don't hold me back

A love so true
lasts for a life time
goes on through and through
for the sake of mine

The boy in the shadows
Hides from the world in the light
He waits for that one love
that will set him free.

you are but a dream
a distant fantasy, a distant memory
a touch with no feel
a fragrance with no scent

the worlds a dangerous place
to face on my own
I'm going through a phase
where I just want to be alone

how do you measure death?
by seeing which one is the worst?
whats the difference between
a father losing his family to the fever or famine

To see the future is a Curse

To see the past is a Nightmare

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hey, i like to think of myself as someone who is simple but notices alot of details...the smallest details are the best things to notice in life! ! ! i live in a house full of females and not a single male hahaha :) so my lil sister is pretty much the closest thing i have to a brother! ! I love to read alot of novels all genres..thick and thin.. poetry to me is relaxing, heart felt, very relative and more. And music is a big part of me..even if i can't play any instuments :) i love to sing no matter how bad i may be and i love to listen to music...preferably punk rock up beat stuff..but i pretty much listen to anything! ! feel free to email me or read any of my poems.. i don't thing im that great a poet but i like to write when i can! ! :))

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**my Heart Is Bleeding**

My heart is bleeding
for the one who was leading,
now I'm just fleeing
coz I thought you heard my pleading.
I don't think I'm fine
I really wanted you to be mine
though I left you so many signs
now I'm walking the line.
Alone and pitiful
we could've been so beautiful
My hearts no longer full
now only sad and blue.
I guess its time to move on
now that my babys gone
the night has become dull including the moon
coz baby you left me too soon.

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