When I'm Gone Poem by Uche Nwanze

When I'm Gone

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When i'm gone from this accursed place, do not lay wreaths or roses by my grave side, decorate my orchard today.

When I'm gone from this plane, do not pay glowing tributes or oration of how great I was, sing of my praises while I am still here.

When I'm gone from this terrestrial planet, do not build palatial castles for me, fix my leaking roof so I won't drench under the rain.

When I'm gone from the scene, do not bury me in a golden casket, fix my creaking bed so I won't break my back.

When I'm gone from the realms of men, do not organise a lavish feast, throw a small party for me and my friends so I may dance to my hearts content.

When I'm gone unto immortality, do not place candles on my tomb, pay me a visit while I sit in my lonely cottage.

When I'm gone to the land of my ancestors, do not sing a dirge for me, send me to sleep and sing me a lullaby while I lay in my bed.

When I'm gone to the great beyond, do not adorn my cold mortal body with a costly apparel, take off my rags or worn out clothes from my frail body.

When I'm gone to be with my creator, do not convey me in a Porsche hearse, drive me around town in a rickety wagon.

When I'm gone into extinction, do not serve expensive cuisines, feed my hungry belly with crumbs so I don't starve to death.

When I'm gone into oblivion, do not fire twenty one gun salvos in the air, throw some fireworks as I celebrate.

When I'm gone to the city of shadows, do not kill the fattest cow, prepare for me an ewe lamb to soothe my famished soul.

When I'm gone to the land of the forgotten, do not employ the services of mourners to shed crocodile tears at my funeral, save your tears for me while I narrate my ordeal to you.

When I'm gone to the land of spirits, do not organise a banquet to celebrate my death, hold a ball to celebrate my life.

When I'm gone to be with my mother on the other side, do not break the bank to fund my funeral, spend a few notes to foot my hospital bills while I lay in my hospital bed.

Kingsley Egbukole 07 January 2020

Wasting energy and resources on the dead who may have died from lack of care. The hypocrisy of men....10++

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Uche Nwanze 09 January 2020

You can say that again bro. Thanks for your kind words and support.

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Camagu Somana 11 September 2019

Well penned poem, thanks for sharing...

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Uche Nwanze 11 September 2019

Very much appreciated. Thanks Camagu.

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Falana Zion 02 August 2019

Beautifully crafted from the psyche..... Praise me when I'm still here, not when I am Gone.

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Uche Nwanze 11 September 2019

I really appreciate your kind comments. Thanks

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