The Invisible Enemy Poem by Uche Nwanze

The Invisible Enemy

Rating: 4.8

Stealthily stealing from Mother Earth.
She strikes fear, brave hearts perspire.
Catching souls in her clutches of death.
Sweeping through the terrestrial plane, an avalanche of sorrow.
The enemy at our gates, without borders, her tentacles spread.
The enemy, friend to no one, allegiance not to any nation.
The enemy, loyalty to nobody.
The enemy, speaks no language, the language of pain and death.
This enemy, harbinger with a rich harvest ofdeath.
Lurking lazily in the dark, lethal darts in her quiver.
Turned giants to dwarfs, powerless the mighty from their thrones.
Opulent can't buy their way out.
Genius clueless, answers sparingly seen.
The senile, children they have become, weeping weeing in their pants.
Indigent, helpless and hungry.
Bullets and missiles, can't stand in his path.
Clarion call, citizens hearken to my cry.
Alliance, united to win this battle.
Rivers to cross, mountains to climb.
The mask our shield, hope our sword of victory.
Social distance, our gauntlet.
Hand washing, the Calvary's armour.
Medley of despondent voices. We may retreat, never capitulate.
We Soldier on, songs of victory draws nigh.
We stay alive, the night be long, the sun shows her face again.

23: 04: 2020

The Invisible Enemy
Saturday, April 25, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: hope,unity,victory
Coronavirus is the invisible enemy testing the world apart. The invisible enemy lives with us and sweeping humanity into oblivion. Hope is our weapon, united we stand up and fight, to sing songs of victory.
Kostas Lagos 25 April 2020

Nice expressions, excellent use of words.A great poem

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Chibuezedoncol 25 June 2020

Wow Aptly poetically worded,keep it up Mr Uche.

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Bernard F. Asuncion 26 May 2020

A well written timely poem....10+++

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Uche Nwanze 26 May 2020

Thank a million for your kind comments as usual.

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Jazib Kamalvi 23 May 2020

Very impressive write on the burning issue, Uche. Thanks for sharing.

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Uche Nwanze 26 May 2020

You can say that again, i appreciate your kind words.

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Chinedu Dike 22 May 2020

Really a poignant poem on the Covid-19 pandemic, deep and expertly crafted in persuasive expressions with artistic brilliance. A work of an intricate mind. Thanks for sharing and do remain enriched.

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Uche Nwanze 26 May 2020

Your comments is a catalyst to spur me on to do my utmost as always. i really appreciate.

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Christopher Huche 15 May 2020

Wow, my kind of poem. Well thought out and written. Emotional and knowledgeable. Thank you for such a wonderful poem.

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Uche Nwanze 22 May 2020

Thanks a bunch for your kind comments

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