Udiah (witness to Yah)

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Udiah (witness to Yah) Poems

81. Ireland (History History History History History) 3/20/2011
82. Is There A God? (God God God God God) 10/15/2010
83. Isn't Life Grand (God God God God God) 1/8/2012
84. Israel (Religious Religious Religious Religious) 7/15/2010
85. It's In The Water! (Warning Warning Warning Warning Warning) 8/4/2012
86. Jacob And Esau (God God God God) 6/22/2010
87. Jezebel Of Asherah (Political Political Political Political Political) 5/15/2011
88. John 21 (God God God God God) 5/28/2011
89. Joplin Mo 5/31/2011
90. Judgment Day (Religious Religious Religious Religious Religious) 7/4/2010
91. Just Get Over It (Depression Depression Depression Depression) 7/14/2010
92. Kiss Of My Love (Love Love Love Love Love Love Love Love) 5/11/2013
93. Let Not Go (Depression Depression Depression Depression) 7/9/2010
94. Liberal Lies (Religious Religious Religious) 8/30/2011
95. Liberated (Liberty Liberty Liberty Liberty Liberty) 8/27/2010
96. Liberty 4/12/2012
97. Lithium Tanks (Warning Warning Warning Warning) 1/15/2014
98. Lost Love (Love Love Love Love Love Love) 4/11/2012
99. Love Poems - Poems For Love - Love 4/11/2012
100. Magnetron Tube (Warning Warning Warning Warning) 1/20/2014
101. Making Billions (Greed Greed Greed Greed) 2/27/2012
102. Man In Charge (God God God) 12/22/2011
103. Master Of The Universe (God God God God God) 12/28/2010
104. Mental Disorder (Depression Depression Depression Depression) 7/14/2010
105. Miner Madness 2/26/2012
106. Moderate 6/26/2011
107. Mom (Mother Mother Mother Mother Mother) 2/11/2012
108. Morning Dove (Friendship Friendship Friendship) 7/9/2010
109. Moses' Seat (God God God God God) 6/22/2010
110. My Inspiration (Friendship Friendship Friendship Friendship) 7/14/2010
111. My Little Garden Helper (Friendship Friendship Friendship Friendship) 7/13/2013
112. Night Night Time (Song Song Song Song) 1/4/2011
113. Noah's Flood (God God God God God) 7/3/2010
114. Occupy Wall Street Or Give Me, I Deserve It! (Political Political Political) 10/16/2011
115. Odd? (Warning Warning Warning Warning) 1/17/2012
116. 'Ode To A Bro: (Memorial Memorial Memorial) 8/8/2012
117. Oh God Bless (God God God God God God) 1/6/2011
118. On The Origin Of Species (Religion Religion Religion) 12/22/2011
119. Our Life (Religion Religion Religion Religion Religion) 7/15/2010
120. Overcome Death (God God God God) 7/7/2010
Best Poem of Udiah (witness to Yah)

Why I Love You (Love Love Love Love Love Love Love)

You give to me hope
And help me to cope
When life pulls me down
You bring me around

You teach me to care
And help me to share
You make me honest
With kindness the best

From you I learned love
With grace from above
It's for you I live
And I want to give

You are the reason
That fills each season
When I hear love I think of you
You are my world and best friend too

I love you because you are so kind, thoughtful and caring
I love you because you are so pleasant, lovely and sharing

You made me the man I am
Thank ...

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In the middle of the night
While you were sleeping
I rolled over and kissed you
'I love you too...., ' you replied
Then, you called me by his name

© 2011

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