Udiah (witness to Yah)

Rookie - 137 Points (1959 / USA)

Udiah (witness to Yah) Poems

1. Judgment Day (Religious Religious Religious Religious Religious) 7/4/2010
2. Time Of The Fig Tree (Future Future Future Future) 7/4/2010
3. The Three Hebrew Children (God God God) 7/7/2010
4. The Father Of Lies (Religion Religion Religion Religion) 7/7/2010
5. Secret (Secret Secret Secret Secret) 7/9/2010
6. The Guises Of Satan (Religion Religion Religion Religion) 7/11/2010
7. My Inspiration (Friendship Friendship Friendship Friendship) 7/14/2010
8. This Earth Age (Religious Religious Religious Religious) 7/15/2010
9. Israel (Religious Religious Religious Religious) 7/15/2010
10. Humbled (God God God God) 7/15/2010
11. Healing Balm (God God God God) 7/27/2010
12. Fisherman's Dilemma (Senryu Senryu Senryu Senryu Senryu Senryu) 1/25/2011
13. Illumination (Senryu Senryu Senryu Senryu Senryu) 2/8/2011
14. Easter 3/20/2011
15. John 21 (God God God God God) 5/28/2011
16. Moderate 6/26/2011
17. Death Of The Soul 8/30/2011
18. Liberal Lies (Religious Religious Religious) 8/30/2011
19. Rapture Or Rupture? (Religion Religion Religion Religion) 9/28/2011
20. Occupy Wall Street Or Give Me, I Deserve It! (Political Political Political) 10/16/2011
21. Black Sheep 5/11/2011
22. Death Of A Military Might (War War War War War War) 9/20/2011
23. Jezebel Of Asherah (Political Political Political Political Political) 5/15/2011
24. Joplin Mo 5/31/2011
25. Definition Of Moderate 11/22/2011
26. The Dept. Of Cannibalization (Senryu Senryu Senryu Senryu Senryu) 12/22/2011
27. On The Origin Of Species (Religion Religion Religion) 12/22/2011
28. The Writer Charles Darwin (Money Money Money Money) 1/4/2012
29. Odd? (Warning Warning Warning Warning) 1/17/2012
30. Catch 22 (Religious Religious Religious Religious) 1/18/2012
31. Structuring A Mole (Warning Warning Warning Warning) 2/1/2012
32. The Truth Will Set You Free (Prayer Prayer Prayer) 2/3/2012
33. Rhonda 2/11/2012
34. America Under Attack 2/11/2012
35. Tin Soldier (Religion Religion Religion Religion) 2/14/2012
36. Beware Shoddy 2/23/2012
37. Miner Madness 2/26/2012
38. Making Billions (Greed Greed Greed Greed) 2/27/2012
39. Good Irish (Humor Humor Humor Humor) 3/4/2012
40. Intelligence (Religious Religious Religious) 3/22/2012
Best Poem of Udiah (witness to Yah)

Lost Love (Love Love Love Love Love Love)

Void, empty, hollow inside
My dreams have fled, my hopes have died
Existence has no reason
Life's just passing with each season

She was my life, my hope, my love
All is gone, passed by thereof
The hurt is such no one should bear
What's to life, why should I care?

I weep all night for my love gone
My heart is sick, for death I long
Mine eyes well tears for love that's lost
I'll mourn always for the great cost

But in each day Lord give me hope
Strengthen me so I may cope
Grant me wisdom to help me see
Thy great way and not just ...

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In the middle of the night
While you were sleeping
I rolled over and kissed you
'I love you too...., ' you replied
Then, you called me by his name

© 2011

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