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The star-studded heavens
Smiled and called her
And she out a deep desire
Told that she will fly to them

The Sculptor was moving
With his chisel and hammer
To give shape to the two stones
That left untouched for long.

At every sunset
The sun takes a day
From your life
And immense it

With heavy heart
She moved wading corpses
Strewn among the crushed concrete
The yearning fragile cries

When the fathomless mystery of life,
Hover me and I was left thoughtless,
I lose the fragrance of life,
I lose the golden crown of pride,

In a mid-night chill before Jesus
Kapilavasthu hugged Lumbini
In the snowy-cold to dip
In sleep with a lullaby touch.

I lost the fragrance
Of the childhood
The adolescence
And the colorful youth hood

In awakeness,
I was there,
My mind was there,
My body was there,

When their steadfast love
Waged war against the world
They never asked their religion
He never asked her

A thirsty oarsman
Took a gulp of sea water
And spit it on the ocean's face.
The ocean was irritated

He was dreaming
To meet a pair of eyes
With a droplet of love
That kept for him

She hugged him
And she kissed him
As if in a madness
But that didn't invoke

The will of God cannot be demolished
Nor his wishes be ignored
By the creations not even on earth
But everything found in universe

In love between humans
There is a betrayal
Either by the lady
Or by the man!

His memory never fade;
He still remember the warrior
Fought against repression
The evils that hunted the poor

Nobody is left alone
All are accompanied by spirits
That takes no forms
That pervade the universe!

The river witnessed
The love of couples
Whom found the solitude
Not disturbed by sound

Grandma was in isolation
She was in an isle of distress
The children whom she fed
With the blood turned milk

She lay in his lap
And gazed at the stars
As he caressed her hair
The stars dropped tears

The Palestine bleeds
The Palestine lost
The self-respect and right to live
They are denied of water

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An Eternal Dream

The star-studded heavens
Smiled and called her
And she out a deep desire
Told that she will fly to them
A day will come to her
When she will have wings.
She never looked on the flowers,
The singing rivers,
The ravines of the greenery,
The blue bulky oceans,
The lake with smiling lotus,
The swans that swam,
The sea-gulls scream,
The music of the nightingale,
The calls of the sky- lark.
Yet she longed for wings
She lamented for a birth
That gave her wings to fly
High and high to cross
Over to the deep depths
Of the blue heavens
To talk and play with
The inviting stars
That look into her
Deep blue eyes in invitation
Again and again!
She was determined
And believed of a day
Where she will sprout wings
As if she in her dreams
And move from star to star
And shine with them
And invite from heavens
Her folk on earth sprout wings
And to shine as stars
Not on earth.
But on the blue heavens!
And sent peals of laughter
Down to the earth in incitement!

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