My Brother..... Poem by Vanessa Hernandez

My Brother.....

Rating: 4.5

My Brother is so annoying
My Brother is so sad
My Brother drives me crazy
it makes me wanna go mad.

My Brother makes my father constantly yell
My Brother makes my mother cry
My Brother makes me wanna go die, sometimes...

My Brother is crazy
My Brother is nuts
Sometimes I want to grab him and choke him til' he goes nuts

Someday I won't have my brother
and I wish that day will never come

because surely without him
I will nor be the same

Bethany Buhl 13 August 2008

They might have there bad moments, but then again they have there good moments to. I remember hanging out with my brother when I was young and now I can't even get him to talk to me for a minute. I know that one day his gonna leave cause he's making bad choices and his gonna end up dead or in jail either way i'm not gonna see him anyways which isn't that different than now I guess. I hope he knows that I still love him even through I don't show him that I do and I think he hates me, but I wouldn't know cause he never talks to me anymore and that makes me a little sad sometimes.

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Greenwolfe 1962 09 August 2008

This was a wonderful structure and message poem delivered with effectiveness and feeling. There was so much feeling expressed that the ending wass not a surprise. Wonderful. GW62

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Aoife Bridges 14 February 2014

My brother is 2 it is his birthday soon and I want to tell him how much i love him I love you Louie xx

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Kayla Ware 05 November 2013

this is exactly how i feel towards my brother but i know that i don't want to loss him

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Aynton Clemmons 01 July 2012

My brother is 6 years older then me and i love with with everything. I know he hates me somtime and i hate him somtimes but i wouldnt no what i would do with out my brother.

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Natasha Reay 18 February 2010

My brother is two years older than I, my brother is my best friend, my brother is my hero. My brother has a huge heart that I hope to someday somehow make mine resemble, he calls me 'the awesome sister' my brother is the omly person I have actually thought about strangling, my brother is the only person that I can stay mad at for more than a few minutes. My brother is my hero. My brother is my protector. if I had an ounce of poetic ability more those would be the words I would type. My brother is literally crazy. he is the softest person you can know yet the strongest ever. My brother is my hero! I love my lumpy!

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Jarrod Wakefield 04 November 2009

when i read this it describes exactly how i feel about and want to do to my brother a really good poem

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