Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi

Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi Poems

121. Anger And The Revenge.. 8/29/2016
122. Another Cocoon? 8/16/2016
123. Another Summer Is On The Way.. 3/27/2013
124. Answer... 5/24/2012
125. Anything Wrong With The Vision? 6/7/2013
126. Apathy And Endurance 7/14/2012
127. Appreciate The God Given Gift.. 3/24/2012
128. Are Our Brains Wrinkled? 3/12/2012
129. Are They Invisible? 1/30/2012
130. Are We Mute To Say No To War? 9/14/2012
131. Are We Serving Others For A Living? 3/20/2012
132. Are You A Sun Or A Moon? 3/6/2014
133. Are You An Alchemist? 1/8/2014
134. Are You Awake? 7/10/2013
135. Are You Different From Us? 7/10/2013
136. Are You Invincible? 4/11/2015
137. Are You The One? 7/26/2012
138. Artifical And Real 9/2/2012
139. As A Father, A Man Is A Great Figure.. 1/19/2014
140. As A Moon Tries To Be A Sun! 9/6/2012
141. As Long As I Am Faithful.. 11/7/2014
142. At Home... 1/25/2015
143. At Marina Beach, Chennai.. 2/14/2012
144. Aura 10/10/2012
145. Averting... 5/11/2013
146. Babies Of The Earth.. 4/18/2013
147. Baby Dumping In The World! 9/17/2012
148. Back To Home.. 5/5/2012
149. Barter Trading Of Souls And Bodies 5/3/2013
150. Be An Example! 7/10/2012
151. Be Brave! 7/26/2012
152. Be Compassionate.. 9/19/2013
153. Be Composed! ! 9/7/2016
154. Be Composed, Dear Brother! 7/31/2013
155. Be Composed.. 9/26/2014
156. Be Deaf And Dumb To The Liars.. 1/21/2014
157. Be Democratic! 5/29/2013
158. Be Focused To Plan, Not To Dream! 5/20/2012
159. Be Grateful To The Fathers Of The Nations 4/23/2013
160. Be Happy 7/1/2012
Best Poem of Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi

The Books

These people seem to be like the books,
scattered all around in different cues,
Shelves of books with variant topics:
Medicine, Engineering and comics,
Languages, Management and Marketing,
Tourism, Text books and Computing,
House hold, Carpentry and plumbing,
Trucks, Driving and operating.
Must choose one to taste,
Read regularly to last,
A full term of life and love,
Nourish it with the dose of care,
Can buy it from the stores,
That sells New, second hand and old,
When the new book is bought,
The smell itself fresh and great,

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Going Out For A Picnic

Going out for a picnic,
Nothing to worry and panic,
When the adult children accompanied,
What is there to be distressed?

Mummy prepares the food,
Daddy buys the snacks with good mood,
The children take their net books, I phones, PDAs,
All go for a picnic in Putra Jaya.

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