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Originally named Viktor Vladimirovich Khlebnikov, born on Oct. 28, 1885, in the Kalmyk Autonomous Republic in Russia. Khlebnikov grew up to be well-educated in the disciplines of science, nature, folklore, mythology, mathematics, literature, art, history, and languages.

A poet who became known as the founder of Russian Futurism and whose esoteric verses exerted a significant influence on Soviet poetry after his death. Khlebnikov is becoming recognized as one of the major Russian poets of the twentieth century, having for years been dismissed as a purveyor of unintelligible verbal trickery.

Velimir Khlebnikov died June 28, 1922.

The Best Poem Of Velimir Khlebnikov

When Horses Die

When horses die, they breathe
When grasses die, they wither,
When suns die, they go out,
When people die, they sing songs.

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M Asim Nehal 14 February 2019

I read few poems and they all are crafty and articulate.

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Velimir Khlebnikov Popularity

Velimir Khlebnikov Popularity

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