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When life is getting
Tougher and tougher
You are growing
Stronger and stronger

Noisy days were fun
Ever felt sad for none!
Like a dancing flower in the lawn
My days were happy and warm!

The world of loneliness
Full of holiness!
Any one can near the deity
If one can live with piety!

I moved into the train
And the train moved ahead
And unlatched the door of memories
Memories collide with each other

If past is the pain
And future is the fear
Then live in the present
That's the life's present for you!

What to do?
I have a lot to do
I sit to do
And start to do

O Corona Virus!
You are a cruel bias
Against the humankind!
Please be kind

Marigold was in glee
Amidst the tender leaves
Glanced at the pretty rose
Amidst the serrated thorns

There is an owl
Very old, very wise,
Stays awake the whole night
In his tiny hole

Everyday I fear
No one is dear
Who wants to hear
Not able to bear

Kids of future India
In the mission of Fit India
Eat healthy diet
To make yourself quite

The wind is wild
That generates the freeze
Trees dance in fierce
Flowers are in shears

Fireflies flicker here and there
They do not wither
With the belief of the other
But glow with a trigger

The flower enters
the garden
And addresses the
tiny butterflies

The kids are chattering
The kids are quiet
More disciplined
When quieter

My favourite star in my galaxy
I've seen long way before
Shone a short time before
Showed its glitter for a while


Boys and girls play
Flowers and leaves sway
Pets can walk
Oldies can talk

Confidence to express
Confidence to suppress
Confidence from perseverance
Confidence from perfection

Art is a creation
Which keeps us in imagination!
Art is a meditation
When there is dedication!

It's a mango grove
Full of mango trees
The mango trees
Full of mangoes ripe!

Vidya Murali Biography

Vidya Murali is working as a teacher for primary kids. She loves nature and the great admirer of art. Her first poem was written with a sad note and later she explored herself to express different feelings. She feels very happy to mould the young minds and she has been a good inspirer to write small poems by many kids of age group 8 to 10. She is the great fighter who made all odds in her life as her stepping stones to reach the place where she is.)

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When life is getting
Tougher and tougher
You are growing
Stronger and stronger
By shedding more
Tears and tears
Having caught by
Fears and fears
And no one to be
Near and dear
To share anything
Unable to bear
Just to be quiet and quiet
Pray deeply inside
Keeping all worries beside
Think firmly inside
Be courageous
Be hopeful
Wait at ease
Have patience
Have all your faith
All will be alright
As almighty is at right.

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Kumari 21 May 2020

Nice poems

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Madhavi 05 March 2020

Very nice poem Vidya mam...keep uploading more .

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Akila 05 March 2020

Superb effort vidya Keep it up God bless

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You know who 11 January 2020

Nice poems keep it up

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