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Am I insane?
They were eating, drinking and dancing on the floor.
Unfortunately I was there.
A newspaper having horrible news was in my hand.

Street children
Ask from such a person
Who has no roof over his head?
Ask from such a person

“Bound to work”
She was ailing with pain.
Work speed was some slow still then she was working.

Asking death
Your heart is broken up now.
You are very sad today
You are also asking death from the god.

Arrogant words
I have passed enough time in the shadow of arrows.
They hurt me
but I am alive.

Save Me
My egg, beautiful egg,
The bird was singing a song with gay.
Suddenly, a crow attacked on her to snatch her egg

Partition of India in 1947 was must.
Partition of India was the need of that hour in 1947.
The than leaders of India like Mahatma Gandhi and Nehru did well by accepting the partition of our country.
It was good for the sake of Hindus, Muslims & for the country other wise more than ten crores of people could die in the wake of violence erupted during independence struggle before and after 1947.

Twinkling stars
Twinkling stars are always inspiring for me.
They are watching me in the nights
as my father did.

in reading room,

Kiss without anger
Stars were twinkling in the sky
Wind was cool
But there was no sound sleep & easiness.

Be kind to Animals
Passage was narrow
And a puppy was sleeping in it.
I was ready to kick out him from there.

Arrow & oak tree
“I shot an arrow in the universe but where it goes I don’t know later
I found it in an oak tree.”
Sir long fallow,

An evening on the sea shore
Cool & mild breeze was blowing.
Water was cool & silent.
The light was dazzling.

Fire by gun,
Fire in the houses,
Fire in the hearts,
Fire in the relations,

Half-curved moon
Half-curved moon was brightening in the sky.
It was night.
Cool air was blowing.


Drunker man avoids any thing except wine & bar.
What he got there?
Peace, regard & need of the body are available to him there.

Tribute to a Martyr
Struggle, Struggle & Struggle.
Since the humankind, we are witnessing unaccountable murders, ruins & so many barbarous acts, which are very much painful.
Are we the human beings different from the animals?

Angle’s voice
Poetry is a dream,
Thinking & imagination of a man, he may be called the poet.
He is surrounded by the society.

A commander with out portfolio
Life goes on slowly & slowly.
Time passes away rapidly.
When I grew form a child to a father

A friendly match
It was dark night.
Match between the team night & the fire-flies were to start.
Stars were twinkling in the sky

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i am Vijay Kumar Gupta fifty seven yrs old, M.A (economics) & passed L.L.B, a businessman worked in student moments & labour moments in U.P.wrote two hundreds Hindi & English poems. My poems mainly published in danic prabhat & other magazines also.)

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Am I Insane?

Am I insane?
They were eating, drinking and dancing on the floor.
Unfortunately I was there.
A newspaper having horrible news was in my hand.
“Some hungry men snatched the lunch of some formers.”
It was very sad news for total human society.
People on the floor were happy and in cheer.
They have no botheration by this news at that time.
Were they ignorant?
Were they innocent?
There was sufficient delicious food on every table.
Wine, meat was in affluent.
I try to pick up some eatable items.
At that moment the faces of hungry men comes in my eyes.
They were demanding bread from me.
I put on my hand from eatable items.
Again I try to pick up a glass full of water.
At that moment some faces of formers comes in my eyes and asking me water for their fields.
Tears came in my eyes.
I was hardly able to stop them.
Next moment I came out from the dinning hall.
Now question arises that
Why hungry men were demanding bread from me.
Why thirsty men were coming in my memories.
Such people were not disturbing to the people who were dancing at the floor.
Am I insane?

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