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Bill Cantrell 22 December 2016

Vince is a profound deep thinker that has influenced my poetry to the place that I actually enjoy it now, a better poet than I ever will be. I encourage anyone who loves true poetry to read his work, you will not be disappointed.

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The Best Poem Of Vincent Feliciano

Freedom Afar

Carried by the thought
of a chance to be free,
I see the birds in the sky
all laughing at me

As I stretch
to call them back,
To tell me tales
of strange new lands,
I find no strength left
in either of my
desperate hands

The binds that keep me down
are neither bars
nor ropes
nor chains
But rather
those who deem it
utter joy to view
the chasms of my pains

No words unheard,
No thoughts unshared,
No freedom of speech
or laughter declared

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Vincent Feliciano Popularity

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