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If I were a leaf,
I'd like to be blown away into the sky,
Breathe the air that comes from my home.

We live in a huge plastic bag,
Little to breathe,
Less to let out.

She has blond hair,
Her smile is pink.

She comes from America,

Wearing a glove,
Cause the other of the pair is lost,
So you are naked,
in one hand.

Autumn falling,
The bones of maple leaves cracking
Into young palms of unquietness,
When wave so gracefully,

So gorgeous she floating,
in the golden shine,
Fair as an angel,
On the shimmering waters

Love is a thin train ticket
With homesick carriages overloaded
Clattering on the Milky Way
Of the nostalgic calendar

My hearts
A million of them
Split and cracked with the heat
Inside the pomegranates

One day
When the pearly rains ba-da ba-da knitted down
My neighbor the ladybird told me a story of the Tung.
A horrid gust one night once came

Over an afternoon tea,
The wind sliding like touching
Across the green screens of bamboos
To the quiet lake

The grace flowing in the air,
Sequence of movements sliding on the silk hammock,
To purify and to beautify
The quivering inner form.

The curtain of night open
Like a black pearl in its polished sheen,
Silently alone the way to the wild
Grass green lamb white.

双 囍

One more happiness
One more happiness

I hear your crisp tears
Clambering up the throat cliff
While you are eating.
Why you are so queer,

Born in that summer blood,
Riding on a red horse across the hurry flood
That would bury certain
And make time gain fast,

Licking softly the gentle Spring around,
The light fragrance makes his lips so fond.
The eyes are blue glassy stones,
Like the flying songs not bound.

The girls without pain can't be princesses,
The roses without thorns can't be beauties,
We must live the life that we are to,
It bores us into a deep unknown hole.


She once made you happy,
She once let you not leave her in your heart.

You forgot it in the front lawn,

I stand in front of you,
Like a birch,
White, slim and shy.

The maple leaves in summer
Are boundless in uncoated shower.
They fly to different chairs,
Different coconut sands,

Wang Qian Biography

Poetry for me creates the inner salvation and the growth. They are just like the bones that hold up my flesh powerfully, which gives my heart so much room to breathe and bloom.

In my eyes, poems writing is not a Forbidden City, but words in it can play with each other, Chinese characters can exchange some fantastic fun with English dictions when one pictures an English poem with a cross thinking in mind, thus the boundary of languages blurs and the continuation of passion stirs.

It's a big universe.

The Best Poem Of Wang Qian

If I Were A Leaf

If I were a leaf,
I'd like to be blown away into the sky,
Breathe the air that comes from my home.

If I were a leaf,
I'd like to be attached on the cover of the envelope
sending to my mum,
Then she would see my name at the first sight of the letter.

If I were a leaf,
I'd like to be put on the nose of a pure girl.
Cause it is just like the oil painting hanging on my wall.

If I were a leaf,
I'd like to be picked up by an old man,
As his bending over reminds me of my grandpa.

If I were a leaf,
I'd like to hide in the pumpkin field,
My grandma liked to plant them and gave the huge pumpkins away to her old friends.

If I were a leaf,
I'd like to be collected in my favourite book,
That time I could bathe in my thought deeply.

If I were a leaf,
I had to grow up,
Because nature takes its course.
So do I.

Make me a leaf,
Then blow me home.

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Wang Qian Popularity

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