Wang Qian

Freshman - 600 Points (Xi'an)

Wang Qian Poems

1. Qualified Liar 4/21/2010
2. The Day And The Night 4/21/2010
3. Unborn Love 9/10/2010
4. The Cure 9/10/2010
5. This Time Comes Again 9/30/2010
6. Time 9/30/2010
7. Spring 4/21/2011
8. The Day Has Little Rains 6/3/2011
9. The Butterfly In June 3/2/2012
10. Whispering 5/4/2012
11. Silkworm 5/11/2012
12. You 11/25/2012
13. Peking 4/21/2013
14. The Tea Of Roses, Goqi And Danggui 1/9/2016
15. The Butterfly Over The Lake 4/16/2016
16. The Maple Leaves On The Trunk 7/6/2016
17. The Orchid-Like Fingers 12/15/2013
18. The Charms Of Nature 5/26/2016
19. Lilac Mother 5/24/2012
20. Oscar Wilde 5/4/2012
21. The Rose-Child 4/8/2012
22. Princess 12/29/2009
23. Vincent Van Gogh 2/12/2010
24. Toys 2/12/2010
25. Double Happinesses 4/21/2013
26. Untied Boat 10/4/2014
27. What The Ladybird Said 4/28/2014
28. My Hearts 3/6/2014
29. Love Is A Train Ticket 1/16/2014
30. A Pinioned Swan 1/11/2011
31. The Rose Buds In My Mooncake 8/30/2011
32. My Foreign Teacher 12/29/2009
33. Plastic Bags 4/21/2010
34. Half-Naked 9/10/2010
35. If I Were A Leaf 1/25/2010
Best Poem of Wang Qian

If I Were A Leaf

If I were a leaf,
I'd like to be blown away into the sky,
Breathe the air that comes from my home.

If I were a leaf,
I'd like to be attached on the cover of the envelope
sending to my mum,
Then she would see my name at the first sight of the letter.

If I were a leaf,
I'd like to be put on the nose of a pure girl.
Cause it is just like the oil painting hanging on my wall.

If I were a leaf,
I'd like to be picked up by an old man,
As his bending over reminds me of my grandpa.

If I were a leaf,
I'd like to hide in the pumpkin ...

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Qualified Liar

We used to have a degree for our knowledge.
We used to make a difference in a cornfield.
We used to build a lie successfully.

All kinds of advanced knowledge were armed
On our bodies,
Too heavy to bear,
Useless like grass,
Whose original green fades away.

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