Wang Qian

Freshman - 624 Points (Xi'an)

Wang Qian Poems

1. Qualified Liar 4/21/2010
2. The Day And The Night 4/21/2010
3. Unborn Love 9/10/2010
4. The Cure 9/10/2010
5. This Time Comes Again 9/30/2010
6. Time 9/30/2010
7. Spring 4/21/2011
8. The Day Has Little Rains 6/3/2011
9. The Butterfly In June 3/2/2012
10. Whispering 5/4/2012
11. Silkworm 5/11/2012
12. You 11/25/2012
13. Peking 4/21/2013
14. The Tea Of Roses, Goqi And Danggui 1/9/2016
15. The Butterfly Over The Lake 4/16/2016
16. The Passerby Named Strawberry 4/27/2018
17. The Orchid-Like Fingers 12/15/2013
18. The Charms Of Nature 5/26/2016
19. The Maple Leaves On The Trunk 7/6/2016
20. Lilac Mother 5/24/2012
21. Oscar Wilde 5/4/2012
22. The Rose-Child 4/8/2012
23. Princess 12/29/2009
24. Vincent Van Gogh 2/12/2010
25. Toys 2/12/2010
26. Double Happinesses 4/21/2013
27. Untied Boat 10/4/2014
28. What The Ladybird Said 4/28/2014
29. My Hearts 3/6/2014
30. Love Is A Train Ticket 1/16/2014
31. A Pinioned Swan 1/11/2011
32. The Rose Buds In My Mooncake 8/30/2011
33. My Foreign Teacher 12/29/2009
34. Plastic Bags 4/21/2010
35. Half-Naked 9/10/2010
36. If I Were A Leaf 1/25/2010

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Best Poem of Wang Qian

If I Were A Leaf

If I were a leaf,
I'd like to be blown away into the sky,
Breathe the air that comes from my home.

If I were a leaf,
I'd like to be attached on the cover of the envelope
sending to my mum,
Then she would see my name at the first sight of the letter.

If I were a leaf,
I'd like to be put on the nose of a pure girl.
Cause it is just like the oil painting hanging on my wall.

If I were a leaf,
I'd like to be picked up by an old man,
As his bending over reminds me of my grandpa.

If I were a leaf,
I'd like to hide in the pumpkin ...

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Vincent Van Gogh

He was born to be bothered by all kinds of colours,
But refused to be bothered by the vulgar.
Keep still when be mistaken,
Not let the nature be, though.

He is an excellent cook,
Making golden colours ingredient of his masterpiece.
He is an ingenius architect,
Painting the walls of his huge building with pureness.

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