Michael Shepherd War Poems

0354 Not Quite War

Too young to know the horrors of a war I've fought,
too young to know war's fear, or yearn for heroism,
but old enough to have lived through;
boys but one year older than myself

0108 Two Poems About War

see that woman
flung over her son's dead body
howling from the depths
of her womb

0430 Why War?

when peace is forever,
why war?
It doesn't last
like peace.

0015 Aftermath Of War

Within themselves, they hold
more than any man or woman should be asked to hold;
they are the unsung heroes of the peace
which clutches at the coat-tails of a war;

0007 War: One For Frank And Whomsoever

There was peace
before there was war
that's when two parties
fight for 'peace'

! No-One Comes Back From War.

no-one comes back from war

not the victors

! In The Steps Of Rumi 85: War


Far harder than the battles of men
is the battle to surrender