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0015 Aftermath Of War

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Within themselves, they hold
more than any man or woman should be asked to hold;
they are the unsung heroes of the peace
which clutches at the coat-tails of a war;
and we can never truly know them;
only offer them love, support, respect…

My first school had been an officers’ recuperation hospital
or final hospice for the wounded – in their body or their mind -
in the 1914-18 war; now

the dignified head doctor of few words
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Lori Boulard 12 October 2006

Very intriguing, Michael. For me, the real heart is in those last two stanzas, which really say it all: the short memory we have when it comes to war, the inevitable rotation of the seasons around and back again to where we started, the loss of innocence we can't stop. Good stuff. Cheers, Lori

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The ravages of post-war are virtually unconscionable, as we ead and view the stories of horror from soldiers first hand accounts...And the long term effects that have imbrued many a veterans life permanently...Afine piece of work, Michael...Education at the earliest of age appears to me as the only possible thwart to this war-driven modern day world...frank(Perhaps my opinion is aoversimplification of reality, but we have to keepmtrying & since nothing has worked thus far since the caveman, helll...im game for just about anything.)

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