Kumarmani Mahakul Water Poems

Water Scarcity

There is water in river, lake and sea
But still there is scarcity of drinking water,
We cannot drink stagnant and salty water,
There is underground water in boring well

Water Grief Water Joy 2100

When there is no water there is danger
When there is excess water there is danger,
Ranger of forest tells that trees die
Due to wiled fire that spreads,

Water Drop

Water drop! Water drop!
Come, come very soon,
It is summer heat is more?
Cool, cool and boon.

Few Drops Of Water

A thirsty man feels it sure
The importance of few drops
Water quenches thirst soon,
Pure water every one needs.

Water We Drink

Natural nectar this water is,
We need to drink with love,
Thirst calls for water we search,
Calmness stabilizes near us.

Thirst Needs Water

Interesting and amazing this art
As every creature has thirst within
Nature has painted this to feel
Water scarcity in body is signed in.

Muddy Rainy Water

Road passing beside broken building,
It has seen green creepers and grass,
Hollow road has kept rainy water inside,
Mud has made suspension with rain water.

Water (Sonnet)

Water is colourless transparent liquid that quenches thirst and pain,
It is precious material is compound of oxygen and hydrogen.
Water is life of human beings, animals, insects and trees,
Without water one can't survive life is always to seize.

Drinking Water Bottles

Water bottles, water bottles come to me,
You are so needy so lovely let me see.
You are needed by everyone in all season,
In summer your demand is more, simple is reason.

Giving Your Reflection In Water

Dear sun, dear power of this nature,
Entire sky and also your light rays,
Grass and plants along with the city,
All are reflected well in clear water.

World Water Sails Life

World water sails life,
As it flows in river and smiles in well,
Waste you not, oh dear traveller,
Every drop is important

Sound Of Water Stream

After rain stream is fully flowing,
Dancing in lands and hill top of hope,
Autumn stream is clear like silver grass,
Beauty is perceived in way of journey.

Use Water In Control

Water is the nectar of nature,
This is beautiful resource we love,
Water only removes our thirst,
You use this in control daily.

Five Fingers Are In Water Rice

As per thought the action is planned,
One of our neighbour employees tells
After retirement he is happy in living,
As his five fingers are in water rice.