Are We Watching The Same Star?

Rating: 4.9

I'm looking at this star tonight,
Wishing wishes would come true.
I wonder where I stand and look
If you see the same star too.

Does the darkness overwhelm you,
Where you stand and look tonight?
Do you see the star I’m watching?
Could we both stand in it's light?

Tonight although there's miles between us,
Perhaps our souls will somehow meet.
At the point this star begins,
Our hearts will find their beat.

Do you feel the need for someone,
To fulfill your empty life?
I'm wishing for the same thing,
As I watch this star tonight.

This gentle breeze I'm feeling,
Calms my heart of sorrow.
I'm wondering will it find you,
And soothe your heart tomorrow.

A hopeless born romantic,
Ever searching for true love.
Wishing wishes in the darkness
To this star that hangs above.

Hilary Felice 16 February 2006

I really love this poem. Being 'A hopeless born romantic' is an amazing trait. And is so appreciated by those of us who feel true love is an amazing gift that should be treasured forever.

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Ivy Christou 17 March 2005

I like this poem a lot. Every lonely person has a soul mate out there, who is most likely lonely too. As for 'A hopeless born romantic' is a verse that it is so true. Romantic people are usually hopeless because they are a minority in this shallow world.. HBH

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