Michael Shepherd World Poems

0008 A Woman's World

She was artistic as a student,

0004 The World Has Lost The Ear For Rhyme

The world has lost the ear for rhyme.
It still makes children squirm with pleasure;
and from some witty pens and minds, its fireworks fizz;
so, after all these centuries of rhyme

! 'We Read The World Wrong...'...Worse Than That...

Yes – we read the world wrong,
and say that it deceives us,
said Tagore…

0365 Poets And One World

The poet's world and the philosopher's
may seem to be in aim, and truth of act,
so different; the poet offers us
fine dreams of heart; philosophy, fine fact;

Thoughts On World Poetry

To coin a metaphor:

It's like a Protestant
wandering into a Catholic church

0412 Their World

It's a sepia photograph, taken, I'm guessing,
1900,1910? The whole of it is taken up by
a crowd on the move, passing the photographer,
who could be, say, clinging to a lamp-post, or on a balcony.

! The Secret, Treasured World Of Metaphor

True, I can rhyme – endwords, and inner too;
fangle fine assonance, like thought made new;
march to a metre –regular in tread
or cunningly disjointed – silken, the thread

0007 Holding The World

and there’s this alleyway
and a passage, then a door,
ordinary, but
the pavement in front of it

Here's A Pop-Up Thought In A Pop-Up World

'Make Your Writing Pay'
'Work From Home'
'Find Love Fast'

! How Brave This New World Shines! How Fine Its Words!

There were monkeys everywhere;
all with badges gently velcroed to their coats –
‘Supervisor’; ‘IT operative’; ‘Catering’;

! World's Oldest Political Statement

(said to have been found on a Sumerian clay tablet)

'I, of course, would never
have sanctioned this,

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