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! 'We Read The World Wrong...'...Worse Than That...

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Yes – we read the world wrong,
and say that it deceives us,
said Tagore…

just imagine, if the snake said,
you can’t see me… no, I’m just
a stick of rotting wood,
a length of old rope thrown away,
mouldering in the undergrowth…

or the rope said, I’m reborn!
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Alison Cassidy 06 September 2007

Thank God there are poets like your and your friend Tagore who read the world right and use words wisely to show us our folly. Another one for my collection of 'Allie's thoughts'. Bless you for the accessibility of your poems. And their thoroughly satisfying phrasing and form. love, Allie xxxxxxxxxx

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M, I'm with Ted on this one; I find it a wonderful, pensive, spiritual poem, and I am more convinced of humankind's ability to both destroy, and decieve, itself - on a mass and individual level. But personal beliefs don't detract one iota from the quality of this poem - which is massive. t x

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Ted Sheridan 06 September 2007

I like the poem very much, I just don't believe it man's ability to destroy the earth. However, I do believe in man's ability to destroy himself. Having said that, I try not to litter. LOL

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