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0008 A Woman's World

Rating: 2.0

She was artistic as a student,
sweet-natured, imaginative, not
overly ambitious; a good catch
for him, the fellow student with
the drive, the ambition, the great
family connections.

They married young; she did
what so many girl art students
have done: gave him all her
intelligent support, bore and raised
his children; and in the few brief moments
that she was granted for herself, took out
her student paintbox, and while the kettle boiled,
sat at the kitchen table, and beyond the view of washing-up
part painted that familiar view –
a jug of garden flowers on the kitchen window-sill..

and when he left her for
another strong woman who, however,
sculpted the cutting-edge new abstract thing
she brought up his children by herself

and when they left the nest, and she, now older,
had more time to give to paint,
she returned - as so many artists do –
to that motif, for them an eternal reminder
of that moment when the exalted mind
sees, beyond the kitchen sink,
a glimpse of that great heavenly view
beyond the garden flowers, where
she could walk into that paradise
that eternally awaits
the sweet-tempered heart..

and year by year, the modest
jug of flowers on the window-sill
became herself
and she
became that heavenly view

until the jug of flowers burst into glory
and she did what only ikon painters, praying, do
and gold and silver joined the rainbow paint
to point the way to an eternity
where kitchen sink’s now holy path;
that is more now than now

and she became,
the painting is,
a jug of Eden's flowers on a kitchen window-sill
and with all heaven in its sight

Alison Cassidy 10 June 2006

Dear Michael, you paint such a beautiful picture, bittersweet, with soul. A splendid poem. I enjoyed it very much. You are a quite an artist aren't you? I shall look for more. love, Alison

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Nibedita Deb 15 May 2006

The flow was enticing and touching. I have made by day by reading this poem. The merging of the 'heavenly beauty' and the subjective lady at end was very intelligent and philosophical at the same time. With admiration, Nibedita Deb,

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Ernestine Northover 16 December 2005

Michael, that's a great poem and I was held reading it from beginning to end, I couldn't put it down, so to speak. A lovely the storyline too, very moving and poignant. I loved the idea of the view beyond her restricted life. Super write. Love Ernestine XXX

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Joseph Daly 16 December 2005

A wonderful piece Michael. All the modern day hype seems to suggest that sisters are, indeed, doing it for themselves, but I wonder how much of that is true. You captured the loss of potential very well. I was thinking that you might have been refering to Edward Hopper, to begin with; as his wife was an accomplished artist.

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