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Stay away from me babe, please don't cry
Our time is over please don't try
I can't understand you
I can't believe your lies

No more love after her love
Now she is gone ….eternally
Her pride with her heresy
She can’t see, that is killing me

One day in autumn day we met
The smell of the winter was near
And the leaves of the trees were wet
We were alone under the pines trees

I was so empty in a silently night
There is nobody to speak with or fight
I hate this feeling when I’m hearing no sighs
Dark is around me come on spread your light

Alone …Alone …Alone
It’s so hard to be alone
With whole my family
With whole my friends

Every time I see a couple I remember her
Every day when people meet I remember her
Every single night I walk alone out there
How can I forget her body how can I forget the hair

The sweet darkness falls
And the night touches my skin
I feel her comin
I know it’s god willin

There are many good things
There are many mutts
Whatever you want
Whatever you hunt

Hey lord
It isn't you don't hear
I wondered if are you here
‘Cuz I’m confused

I’m born again , with no tear nor pain
I change my name , and wake up again

I’m trying to find , my life without you

I used to be a good man
But I failed, disappointed and I’m being alone
I used to do the best I could
But now I'm bored and tired and I being alone

I want to be alone
No one except u and me
I try to fly to the moon
I’m on the moon when I am with you

People are wolfs wear lambs
Hate and greed
Fake and wile
Fear and pain


Why every door I try to open is locked
Why do those things happen to me?
I’m looking for someone to talk

the true love call


there is a lack! ! ! !


I want you here in my cottage
Keep the people away of us
I know we will be far away
I don’t care I wanna take this chance

I can never get my mind off her,
I wonder if she'd mind if i'd,
make her my own,
and never let her go,

Close your sad eyes Layla
and let your feelings fade away,
Bring up nothing more than what you want to say,
So close those sad eyes Baby,


No body listen
Nobody feels
No body even
Try to relieve

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Don'T! ! ! ! ! !

Stay away from me babe, please don't cry
Our time is over please don't try
I can't understand you
I can't believe your lies
I don't want you any more, I don't!
And I think you know why
I forgot you don't look to my eyes
My heart so far from yours
The land so far from the sky

Believe me I can't love you
I can't think about you
And when I'm be with you
I don't know what to do

Day by day you will find love that you deserve it
Don't wait for me don't cry over spilled milk
Don't cry babe don't try think in future a little bit

Don't cry don't try
I don't love you, don't expect me to lie
You were my mysterious butterfly
One night with me the second with another guy.
Don't cry don't try, our love had been die.

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The way we love We are far away but with every passing second we really got closer, that's because we each found our hearts.... She tells me she cant live without me but i know my world revolves round her ' SO DO I ' she loves to think there's no better than I... ;) My fairy tale The way we love makes it hard to be apart so when I can't hold you in my arms, I hold you in my heart.

that is me loving you to the moon and back to infinity and beyond i love you you are my sunshine you are my everything you are my little girl I love you

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