Don'T! ! ! ! ! !

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Stay away from me babe, please don't cry
Our time is over please don't try
I can't understand you
I can't believe your lies
I don't want you any more, I don't!
And I think you know why
I forgot you don't look to my eyes
My heart so far from yours
The land so far from the sky

Believe me I can't love you
I can't think about you
And when I'm be with you
I don't know what to do

Day by day you will find love that you deserve it
Don't wait for me don't cry over spilled milk
Don't cry babe don't try think in future a little bit

Don't cry don't try
I don't love you, don't expect me to lie
You were my mysterious butterfly
One night with me the second with another guy.
Don't cry don't try, our love had been die.
Saturday, August 16, 2008
Unwritten Soul 20 September 2011
The best thing is be honest than live in lies, coz the more lies lie in tongue the more painful it will cause..So i say you are honest and that the best thing you can do... Hope both of you will find a way how to live something new and find happiness even in different way..The honest words were boldly told in sincere way, so i say this is good expression in poem :) keep it up my friend_Unwritten SOul
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Son'a El-elah HM 02 November 2009
a good piece Yasser....keep it uppp :)
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Kesav Easwaran 31 May 2009
'You were my mysterious butterfly One night with me the second with another guy'.... these lines testify nicely the agony and the determination that we find inside this write...good work Yasser...10
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sumaira 19 January 2009
True some ppl r nt tht deserving of love... Hope tht every1 hav thr right matchs.. Anywayz beautifully writin, theme is good, stronge word and full of emotion... Love it +10
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&&angel4ever && 14 October 2008
Its good but harsh for the girl i feel pity on you and the girl at the time sorry for the love that die
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Little Hatila ;) 10 October 2008
it is so sad but it is good to let them go when you know they don't deserve you love all they do is lying in the moment and crying in the next moment..... i really loved it when i read it i felt the pain with it....10 Hataw
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Shimon Weinroth 22 September 2008
requited and unrequited love, as you know works both ways, Cheers Shimon
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samar Halabi 10 September 2008
very wonderful poem with a creative writing good job +10
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Ashraful Musaddeq 02 September 2008
A non-typical type of composition! 'You were my mysterious butterfly/ One night with me the second with another guy./ Don't cry don't try, our love had been die.' So......10.
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Greenwolfe 1962 01 September 2008
I was undecided about recommending this. But I finally decided that there are really very few poems of this kind out there. So, I decided to recommend it. GW62
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