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Pictures and frames that gets you thinking
remembering what you did that day
was it good enough to remember?
or was is bad enough to forget it ever happened

When you are raised with trust and fear
you beleave in courage when it is near
you learn to trust as days goes by
but learn betrayed as years fly

There was something in the air last night
something that cried along the way..
the wind flew, the stars shined, the trees moved
wisdom again i said, who will i meet?

You decorated my heart with love
singing a beautiful melody to my ear
i can see the shine in your eyes
right after tears came down your face

The darkness, no light...
the fall, creaps struggling to stand
the scream behold the fight
the dirty grass over the nails, hands

The sky so nice and beautiful
so much space for love
to reach the limit
of a true love.

This life is full of pain
the one that no one can actually contain
you have and then dont
then take away your deepest thoughts

Esto que en mi corazon hoy siento
me duele tanto y bien adentro
no es una espina en el corazon
solo rastros de cenisas sin fusion

Going back in time, a childs story....
little as she was with hope and laughter
that was the infant years as she can recall
in her head as she looks back

fated by love, betrayed once again
what you see is what was left.

dont look at me now for you will not see me

Once upon a dream, a bright light in the dark
a guitar a piano a silent but magnificent song
played again and again on a silent mode
you walk up to a dancing floor

Another melody to my ears, another cry another tear
never embrace the tear on my face, how could this fall on stake
unreliable melody tweeks and sounds to such song as we cry

Tears from my eyes, sadness from my heart
pain coming from my soul for being hurt
sometimes wonder why the pain
to beleave or have trust yet not in me persay


Lord please help me for i pray
I give my all and life at stake

I wish for just one little miracle

Dancing in the night on such a beautiful song
along the road, with a love song
here and now behold a pair
a wonderful woman a darlin gentle man


Sometimes when you feel so sad,
you feel the world crumble down
to feel the sadness within your heart
your mind, your soul, your life divine.

The one who shows without nothing at all
he who shares the heart that bares
the one who takes, with tears in his eyes
the one who cares without a price

Life is sometimes cruel
when you fight for what is true
what you want but can not have
a wish or desire but can't realize

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hello i am a 34 year old female from the bronx, i have been writing since very young i edit this from my dad may he now rest in peace when he died well my life wasn't the same he ment all and every thing to me he was my father, friend, and every thing in my life he ment the world, but.. i have come to realize that sitting down crying wasn't going to bring him back so i had decided to let out every thing he preached and show others as well, my life has been a what you can call a after shock between negative and possitive so much like a double life or how i can remember it my mother the negative and my father the possitive my mother saw every thing in a negative point of view my father understood and helped us his children achive our dreams our goals, i love writing and as i can remember i wrote only when my mother was not around because she didn't beleave in dreams or never the less achievement so i use to write only when my mother was not around she disliked the fact that i liked the same similar things as my father so i did when she wasn't around many years past and as i grew well, i can still say that i enjoy writing and reading for is what i do best maybe some day i will achive my dream as a writer and maybe write a book but until then this story will close and be put down to rest, for those of you reading this: thank you thank you for takeing your time in learning a little of my life, till the next time, take care and god bless.... att ~~yesenia~~)

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(valid Questions Of The World)

Pictures and frames that gets you thinking
remembering what you did that day
was it good enough to remember?
or was is bad enough to forget it ever happened
what did it really ment for you back then
would you relive it or would you let it pass you by
questions not answers is what is always in your mind
for life is full of questions that sometimes you cant think
you cant changed the past but if you would be giving the chance
would you?
we all would love a change but reality is, we cant change the past
we can only choose to change the future
and let the memory rise free of this world
as the feather falls a spirit will flow
not giving us the answer to life.

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