Yewande Adedokun Poems

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The Young Flowers

A growth in the beauty of the sun
Little do they know how it can burn
Towards its direction they turn

The Soul Painter

Through my window pane
I see now the sun rays

as my painting board stands adjacent to the window

A Page Of My Face

I wake to a dawn on my face
its a call i must take
I will change the mirror i looked into yesterday
because it didnt define me well to me today

The Judging George

George, judge me
Say all you think you know about me
Sit with your friends to talk of me

When The Shadow Of Man Departs

This is when you no longer have a star in your skies
When you are everything and you don't know what you are
This is when you sleep at sunrise and your soul wakes in the dark
When you have no lesson to learn and you put yourself out for pain

Right To Us Wrong To Them

Clear to us, ambiguous to them
Rough for us, smooth for them
It is done by clowns, you do it and make me cry
How could it be so deep, but now to them it's plain

It's A Play

Only in a play can a man's life be read

Only in an act can a man be caught almost making a decision to go to hell

Mountain Beneath Me

On earth, the trees, the oceans keeping me alive
Yet I stand unsatisfied
Letting to know. I pick my quest and up the mountain I go
Every climb I do it for people to see

He Interprets Love To Me

Until he the corner reveals his face
I did never know the fallen angel is what we all call gravity
My man comes with a certain glow that lifts me above the ground
A certain priceless bullet that shoots me into the sky

Father Above, Send Me A Raven

Peace seek me
But I gave it a knock on the head
How do I say sorry?
same wrongs, same name of lost

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