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A growth in the beauty of the sun
Little do they know how it can burn
Towards its direction they turn

Through my window pane
I see now the sun rays

as my painting board stands adjacent to the window

I wake to a dawn on my face
its a call i must take
I will change the mirror i looked into yesterday
because it didnt define me well to me today

George, judge me
Say all you think you know about me
Sit with your friends to talk of me

This is when you no longer have a star in your skies
When you are everything and you don't know what you are
This is when you sleep at sunrise and your soul wakes in the dark
When you have no lesson to learn and you put yourself out for pain

Clear to us, ambiguous to them
Rough for us, smooth for them
It is done by clowns, you do it and make me cry
How could it be so deep, but now to them it's plain

Only in a play can a man's life be read

Only in an act can a man be caught almost making a decision to go to hell

On earth, the trees, the oceans keeping me alive
Yet I stand unsatisfied
Letting to know. I pick my quest and up the mountain I go
Every climb I do it for people to see

Until he the corner reveals his face
I did never know the fallen angel is what we all call gravity
My man comes with a certain glow that lifts me above the ground
A certain priceless bullet that shoots me into the sky

Peace seek me
But I gave it a knock on the head
How do I say sorry?
same wrongs, same name of lost

My heart was broken before I gave it to anyone
The dark alley beckons to me
A thing of purpose I will always have in mind
A shadow of my future wakes up with me

When the sun is up and no one looks in the sky
At night we see the stars and our souls take flight
I found a reason why no stars for the sun
It burns, won't understand the language of fun

Never has the light come so bright
This illuminate have I not seen so near
Coldly the fire of light consumes my soul
Springing forth like a morning glory

After the silence of my heart's echo almost deafened me
And the darkness of it terrifying me
I saw the newness of it all in the eyes of a young girl
If you are keen to know, till now I don't know how to tell

And the young boy laid down
Down in peace as it abounds
In the field where the peace is found
But this beast this peace it clouds

Make love to me tonight
feed me with passion
do not leave me here to stand
come upon me come into me

Tradition dragged me in
Into a wall of box, dark and lonely for me only
I screamed, scratched on the door, all I see is dark
Dark marked with walls

Wonder why there are no black flowers
Do not ask me, ask God
The outer layer of every soul is laced with anger
But the best of us wear their souls inside out to begin with patience

When my Jesus comes my soul will transcend my sight
I will be able to fly and close my eyes

The trumpet will blow for only my ears as I stare beyond, lifeless

Just another kid that didn't grow rich
just another kid in an unknown family
so large family it is
so its hard for all to listen, so most of them are talkers.

Yewande Adedokun Biography

Born and bred in nigeria, by the family of Micheal and Elizabeth adedokun.A gradute of kogi state university in Nigeria. Started writing poem at age 16.)

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The Young Flowers

A growth in the beauty of the sun
Little do they know how it can burn
Towards its direction they turn

Maybe it is the warmth it gives to the soul
Maybe it is the attraction of colour that made it so
Cannot say for certain why the sun takes the hold

They wait for the sunrise each morning
Their heart in its jive they sing
Cannot tell the wrong it brings
Cannot see the fire and its steams

But the older ones prays for the rain
They dream for the clouds to gather again
And when it finally rains, their heart sings its praise
There their heart finds its warmth and satisfaction like an aura binding in chains.

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Okey Vic Nwatu 17 June 2017

Prolific output. Keep it up.

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Adesoro Segun 16 April 2015

Good work! Nice meeting a Nigerian poet(ess) ...

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Payal Parande 04 November 2012

a heartfelt and painful piece indeed but still it make the reader stuck to the poem till the end and that make this poem even better and perfect thank you for sharing mam, love payal

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