The Judging George Poem by Yewande Adedokun

The Judging George

Rating: 3.0

George, judge me
Say all you think you know about me
Sit with your friends to talk of me
Be the judging George that judges me

My heart is broken anyway
My existence is nothing-so you say
Shout it's from your ribs I was made
That you gave me my name
Make me the scapegoat tradition gives a frightening gaze
You say! you say! you can't stop yourself again
Oh! judging George what do you have to say again?

George, do you remember
How I let you live
How you became my lover
Can you remember
How I feed you from my breast
How I gather you on my chest
Now you judge me my son, my king
You go on, on and on in your persiflage
That I'm meretricious regardless my age
You grow up from me to judge me

Will accept my life
Do not make it harder
I will sit in the aged cage
Do not spit in my face
I will wash your feet
Please please do not hit me on the back
I will do what you ask my judging George at this time
Where only fear roams my heart

I wrote you a letter
Hope you did not get that
Hope you did not see my fear in my words
Hope you did not think me a slave making her plea
As of today, all the fear is gone
As of today, words from yesterday are wrong
As of this time, something I see in change
I will put George in his place
I will be judging George from today

Hey! Hey! look this minute, look this way
I will do as I want
Tell tradition to bring it all on
Say to your friend 'she is mad'
Tell them she will not have it your way anymore
Say I am judging you George now
Tell them the table spins in
That I fled the cage to live my dreams
Tell on me, that I pick my weapon and charge at you
That I rise in the morning like you
Tell them you want to leave me
Say to them I say go to hell, I will fight for value, integrity
You can see, I am mental
I wake up; I am mental
I go to bed and I am mental
I am mental within my dreams
I am mental within my normal state
I am out of my mind everyday
All this madness! you cannot stay
Who cares what you say, what all your kind says
I will be judging George as I like always

I heard the first knock
Then came the second
I jumped up
George! George is at my door
I might have blinked twice
Did he just smile?
Did he just reach out for a hug?
At this time, George my charm
I turn my head in other direction
Nothing will change my mind
I promise you nothing will calm my madness
Just as I brag my pride
I know God has sold you my heart
He sold my soul with it, I will never win this fight.
I try God knows I try
He chose your smile and smell over my heart I live the enchantment
My hurt I will never be able to mend
Do not remind me of the past
We should never have to go back to that
I will do anything, I know better
All I beg, don't think me less than I already think myself
Let the world judge me but not yourself
For if you do we will be back in the madness of our sin again
I will make me
You will break me
All I will be is in all you say
My George, Darling judging George

Thursday, August 27, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: woman
A woman's fear when with a man. Her stand with the society...she reaches her limit, she spits fire and brimstone...he comes to say he wants her again...she cannot unleash her pride no matter how hard she tries. Then she begs him to protect her from the world and all they say about her, all that bothers her is how he sees her and what he has to say about her. Thank you.
Kelly Kurt 27 August 2015

A wonderful and poignant poem, Yewande.

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Edward Kofi Louis 25 January 2017

My hurt I will never be able to mend! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Pita Nuba 04 September 2016

beautiful, words flowing like the staccato of bullets, raining with fury unseen...ooh George, i don't envy you, i'll pray for you...

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Folorunso Oladipo Daniel 15 February 2016

Feminist, this is a great protest in the patriachal society.

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Dare Onadele 18 January 2016

Nice piece of art! I could not just stop reading and desiring to know the end. Kudos!

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Adebayo Matthias 03 September 2015

wow! So dramatically, picturable and pleasurable.. you have penned a wonder of creativity from sensitivity.

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