A Page Of My Face Poem by Yewande Adedokun

A Page Of My Face

Rating: 4.7

I wake to a dawn on my face
its a call i must take
I will change the mirror i looked into yesterday
because it didnt define me well to me today

My strength as been misjudged for my weakness
I plan to take them through their judgement
My diary will give the account with no end
I will write a full page on my face each day for them

My diary will have a narrator
and i the author
sitting in the crowd is the prosecutor
but my life will be a town talk
because my face is being at all times on a page-off.

Jude Thadeus 08 February 2013

Wow, that was really Awesome.

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Payal Parande 19 April 2013

very nice description, and the words are flowing with grace and full of sense...bravo indeed

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Chase 06 April 2018

Nice one...

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Dr Antony Theodore 14 July 2017

The mirror didnt define me well to me today I will write a full page on my face each day for them the prosecutor, a town talk, my face, and the way you describe it, a page as a symbol. My strength and my weaknesses. I am a special person. Let the world know it. I shall write beautiful poems on my blessed face. Thank you dear poet. tony

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Wow! This is wonderful poem, well composed with excellent artistic choice. Your second stanza 'my strength has been' please correct that. You can also read mine 'I too am a voice' similar to this

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Lupee Awe 21 April 2016

Free flowing like Angelou

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Hazel Durham 08 August 2015

Original and beautifully expressed, thanks for sharing!

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