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Love, Love, Love, In Love...

Love is the salt, in the life-meal
If you taste it unsalted, many times hurt you feel

Love is something real, you cant pretend

Life, Purpose, My Life... My Life...

I dont know the purpose of my life
I am a giant, i am carrying the earth on my back
I fighted in my battles and never be beaten
Rabid winds got on my frozen body


You think that you have felt pain?
Let me tell you what is pain

Pain is when you feel for someone everything

Love Resurrection

I want to be just you and me
The music to play
To hide in a lonely place
To taste a bottle of red wine

To My Cinderella

I want to drink the ocean to come to you
I want to give you the kiss the one you need
I want to wake you up from endless sleep
To teach you Poisoned apples not to eat

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Gonzalo Espanol 22 March 2007

ooh rly nice poem yeah... life is boring very boring nothin to do but sleep ^^ jajaja

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Wriju Adhikary 18 November 2006

very deep poems i really love them...write on... you are a hurt person, just like me i know how you feel.

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