Love, Love, Love, In Love... Poem by Yiannis Baki

Love, Love, Love, In Love...

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Love is the salt, in the life-meal
If you taste it unsalted, many times hurt you feel

Love is something real, you cant pretend
If you have no feelings, give it an end

Love is a combination, that join two
Makes them one with passion true

Love is to feel good with all your deeds
When the phrase 'crazy change' your life leeds

Love, Love, Love, In Love...
Emily Harris 01 July 2009

your poem is really good and so true

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Bella Norton 20 September 2007

this poem is amazing! it shows major intelligence & creativity, in which i find intriguing. Wonderful work Yiannis!

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Tissa Calvert 16 March 2009

very true and heart warming keep it up

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Cheyenne Bobo 27 April 2007

this poem allows one to take a step back and understand life from a common and ordinary spectrum whilst turning it into something extraordinary and beautiful.

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Rachael Rewonxda 18 May 2007

Oh wow amazing the last two lines just made me think.. Thanks Yiannis this is truly a great piece Leah

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creampieee 26 July 2022

i would get off over this peom

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Chandan Dey 22 September 2018

God's love creates, improves our life and nature, and is responsible for development as well. Nice poem Chandan

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Sylvaonyema Uba 17 April 2018

Love is a combination that joins two Make them one with passion true. Good poem blended in a couplet.of four stanzas. Sylva Onyema Uba

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Michael Mcparland 21 October 2014

This is a very nice poem about the love shared between two people and also the feeling as needed to be well rounded and truly see the world. Good piece.

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Kay Staley 21 October 2014

Now please write a contrasting poem about hate and then we will have some reality since the world is actually full of hate and none of us fragmented humans actually knows what pure love it, but we surely do know how to hate.

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Yiannis Baki

Yiannis Baki

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