Yiannis Baki Poems

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Love, Love, Love, In Love...

Love is the salt, in the life-meal
If you taste it unsalted, many times hurt you feel

Love is something real, you cant pretend


You think that you have felt pain?
Let me tell you what is pain

Pain is when you feel for someone everything

Love Resurrection

I want to be just you and me
The music to play
To hide in a lonely place
To taste a bottle of red wine

To My Cinderella

I want to drink the ocean to come to you
I want to give you the kiss the one you need
I want to wake you up from endless sleep
To teach you Poisoned apples not to eat

Heaven Knows The Reason Why

I remember when we were drinking together
We got drunk, we were lost
We were talking with the wine as our best friend
Out of time we got hypnotized

Hunter In Your Mind

Hunter in paradise
Flow my arrows
Rabbit white in an asylum
You are and i can't leave you

Alone Tonight

Alone tonight
Dying in a world full of people
Darkness everybody see in the night
But how to see the light with open eyes?

Into Your Eyes

Far away you scream
I can't hear

You run and keep screaming

Dream, Dream, Devil, Dream

Yesterday i saw Devil in my sleep
I was flying with the wind, light & heavy
I saw my life neither positive nor negative
Like there is not now, no yesterday no tommorow

Put the record on,
Choose your favorite song to listen to,
Open this bottle,
Taste your favorite drink,

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