Love Resurrection Poem by Yiannis Baki

Love Resurrection

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I want to be just you and me
The music to play
To hide in a lonely place
To taste a bottle of red wine

To kiss you full of passion
Like there is no tomorrow
You are the sea, i am the wind
Touch you softly, touch you wildly

Your body dynamite alight
Your breath stops the time
Your kiss, frozen me, burning me
Your glance like magnet

We roll like the river, from bed
to walls, from tables to rugs
Like a piano melody our fingers
Touching wet body

Let it never end
Passion, eternity
To this room the death will come
And if tomorrow comes
Don't be afraid
It's a love resurrection

Leloudia Migdali 30 May 2014

Wow! No words for this poem! I loved every line of it!

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Jocelyn Lozada 12 June 2007

Wow! This poem is amazing, it gave me a chillin sensation all over my body. This poem can sweep any lady off there feet and into the bedroom. Nice work!

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Melvina Germain 25 August 2006

Hot, steamy, passionate, great imagry, good for this old heart, thanks again------Melvina

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Yiannis Baki

Yiannis Baki

Thessaloniki - Greece
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