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My precious step Daughter
How I wish the path to you was shorter
I moved a distance away
But my love for you will always stay

Prehistoric you are Dinosaur
Some mythical and found only in ancient lore
Some of you walked on all four
Some had feathers and took to the air

It was a dark and stormy night
Every lightning bolt came down with might
These storms seemed to grow more intense
My panic grew even more immense

My soul feels utterly torn
Forever I think I will mourn
Not too long ago you were born
Now lifeless……

I leave you some sugar
I leave you some crumbs
Everything I break into bite size lumps

I can feel your presence
I can feel your touch
I can feel you warmth
I can feel you love

I hope you find this poem to read
So that my appreciative words can be freed
My gratitude towards you I will express on a page
Open to everyone in this digital age

Please allow me to give you an explanation
Of the true meaning of South-Africa’s Rainbow Nation

Sirens are Blue

Don’t feed me, I’ll make myself sick
Please understand, I want to be as thin as a stick
To this Dying wish I am so committed
So keep you nagging, just Zip it!


I want to linger in my dreams
Skipping along crystal clear streams
Eating bright red juicy strawberries
While chatting away with Woodland faeries

think I should stick to poems about sadness
Trying to write about something else is just madness
I need to save myself from humility
And stop with this stupidity!

Tell me if you will
For once, do not remain so still
How does it feel having so much power
Everything you touch goes foul and sour

You are my saviour
For you took away my sad behaviour
You did this with a rescuing knife
To cut me away from a miserable life


Bags of kind words are empty
Hollow my heart feels now….my heart, your enemy.
A stabbing pain that weakens my knees, I’m sinking..
Drowning in this anguish...a result of your inhumane thinking

I followed your order
I followed your rule
I experienced only what was plain cruel

Dont step back
If its in the believe of Love you lack

I'm hurting so deeply
You did your job well
You come and go freely
While you created my hell

Why is it me you no longer love
Why am I not the one taking first place
Why did you move me to a dark space

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Step Daughter

My precious step Daughter
How I wish the path to you was shorter
I moved a distance away
But my love for you will always stay

A better friend I can not find
You are ever respectful and kind
You have a golden glorious heart
Some are trying their best to break us apart
Their poisonous words does not succumb you to fold
As our bond is meant to hold

You and I are much the same
As others plays us like a game
At least in each other there is joy to be found
Always an encouraging voice sweet and sound

One word of advise
When in need for comfort, do not think twice
Pick up the phone
And remember you are never alone

You always think your sobs to me are tiring
But speaking about heart ache is very admiring
Even after all these years
Your sadness still brings me to tears

Our crossing paths were no mistake
And a promise to you I did make
I have said this a million times before
This you should never forget or ignore
My promise to you I will not break

I will be there for you until eternity
I will love you till infinity
And again I promise...you'll stay in my heart
My precious step Daughter, gorgeous and smart

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