Zoila T. Flores Poems

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Conscience, don't abandon me,
Through my journey, on this day,
Keep supporting, as you're always,
On the wisdom, of my say.

The Perfect Family

On portraying, a perfect family,
Every parent’s, precious goal,
Gaining neighbor’s, total extol,
Displaying in time, great control,

Soccer World Cup ‘14

Soccer could be, sport number one,
In the entire world,
Was hard engaged if you won,
Played with a ball,

I Saw Him! I Swear! ! !

Intense red on, sitting up there,
In Buddha's pose, just on the air,
Into this world, came for my care,
No. Not a dream. I saw him, I swear!

My Sexy Pen

Being invited to a workshop,
By a dear friend, NO refuse,
Me arriving, seeing wood chop,
Finished color, just to choose.

Thoughts! ! !

Are you disappointed?
Are you desperate?
Are you discouraged?
Then, you are sad?

Dad's Love

Wisdom on words,
Knowledge to spend,
Healthy advises,
Offering today.

Favorite Coffee

What a gorgeous, scent of burst,
On my brain, it comes as thirst,
Green its pits, are found on tree,
Red and ripe, they get indeed.

Invisible Love

Early in the morning,
When my soul is blessed
My clean mind is learning,
And my body, refreshed,

Poemhunter Gift Card

It’s a bonus to the goodness,
With the talent, you‘ll adopt,
Readying poems, gaining knowledge,
Feeding spirit, and its soul.

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