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I'm a Poet by heart and by mind but limited by time and space.
I Love to appreciate Mother Nature and the Goodness of life.
Love and Family, Art and Music.
Trying to be positive in life and what I do.
My Only regret is not having started telling my thoughts before.
Well, I created lots of poems on my four and fifteens and created a diary which was taken and hidden by my younger sister blocking my mind and desire to keep going to do so.

And when she confessed me of such a cruel secret when I turned 47 Years Old, I forgave her and allowed myself to start writing again.
Since then I've created lots of poems inspired on the main elements of life such as Love, Live, Gratitude, Spirituality, Politics, Family, and much more because no matter what your soul is able to forgive.
Now, I've uploaded to Amazon my memories in Spanish 'El Padrecito by Zoila T. Flores' and in English 'A Paradise to your Soul by Zoila T. Flores'
You will see my soul and my mind working together to delight your Mind and Soul.
Don't hesitate to Like my poems and write a couple of lines with suggestions and ideas.
I'd love to be open mind to new comments.
Thank You,
Zoila T. Flores

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Conscience, don't abandon me,
Through my journey, on this day,
Keep supporting, as you're always,
On the wisdom, of my say.

Conscience, don't rely on me,
Because my soul, is not prepared,
On directing, to my people,
On their plans to be repaired.

Conscience, please forgive me,
To my morning, if you may,
If my eyes, refuse to open,
It's my soul that's in dismay.

Conscience, please assist me,
In the passage, through this world,
With a cheerful sense of spirit,
Making life, relish much more.

By A Paradise to your Soul by Zoila T. Flores (Amazon)

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Zoila T Flores 08 May 2020

Please review A Paradise to your Soul: Prose and Verse by Zoila T Flores at Amazon

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P A 02 August 2014

Teresa is a really good writer and poet...congratulations..

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