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In this page, poems on / about “anna” are listed.

New Anna Poems

  1. Anna's Fasting Drama, Bijay Kant Dubey
  2. Under The Shadow of Anna, The AAP Men Ca.., Bijay Kant Dubey
  3. Song—Anna, thy Charms, Robert Burns
  4. A Bullfrog And A Butterfly..., Wayne Riley
  5. A Converstion Between Princess Anna, Pai.., Salim R Javed
  6. You Cannot Separate Us., Salim R Javed
  7. The Gowden Locks of Anna, Robert Burns
  8. To Alex. Cunningham, Esq., Writer, Edinb.., Robert Burns
  9. From The Lost Letters of Frederick Dougl.., Evie Shockley
  10. Anna, Dreaming, Maya Hanson (mye3)
  11. My Description, Foster Teegarden
  12. Pysch essay 1, imani halley
  13. Cruel Anna, Joseph Skipsey
  14. Little Anna, Joseph Skipsey
  15. Rose Pink Flamingo Flurries Over Africa, mary douglas
  16. I Am Anna, Rich Reitz
  17. Leaves Fall Dry, Gabriel Mbusya
  18. Nua, sabubele nua (Odia), gajanan mishra
  19. Pappou Elia's Poem - A More Literal Tran.., Elia Michael
  20. Pappou Elias' Poem, Elia Michael
  21. Anna Hazare Fasting, Bijay Kant Dubey
  22. A.Blok, To Anna Akhmatova - Translation .., Lyudmila Purgina
  23. Blue Distances Don't Make Me Cry The Way.., mary douglas
  24. Meet the Shakespeares, sheena blackhall
  25. Nico's Request, Aiyabells 002
  26. Reading Like A Girl: 6, Rishma Dunlop
  27. I can no longer look you in the eyes…, Nnamdi Okose
  28. THERE WAS, Deepak Manchanda of Delhi
  29. A Poem for Anna, Lara Katona
  30. Meet My Love Anna In One Stanza (Scottis.., Salim R Javed
  31. Pure Maths, Sadiqullah Khan
  32. Into Anna's heart....., Salim R Javed
  33. Rid ye Of the Thought, Sadiqullah Khan
  34. Meet my love as Anna, Salim R Javed
  35. The Giant Cypress Tree, Phurpa Lhamo
  36. Alankar(Decor) -192, Indira Renganathan
  37. Anna, Had Gandhi Been Alive…(Your Bandar.., Bijay Kant Dubey
  38. The Lament of Whitehorse Billy, Leland James
  39. Anna Hazare Is Politicking, Bijay Kant Dubey
  40. Anna, Your Tactics & Tricks, Bijay Kant Dubey
  41. Anna, Had Gandhi Been Alive…, Bijay Kant Dubey
  42. Anna Hazare, Bijay Kant Dubey
  43. Anna, Nassy Fesharaki
  44. Shamil Love By Rasul Gamzatov, Yuri Starostin
  45. A Poem For Anna, Tim Howard
  46. The Human Guinea Pig (2 poems, English), sheena blackhall
  47. Go To A Party To Die, Ashley Kolakowski
  48. Lok pal bill, malini kadir
  49. Thirteen Ways of Looking at Olaf the Sno.., JIMMY PROVOLONE
  50. Waiting to Celebrate, Jacob Kobina Ayiah Mensah
  51. Disciple of Earth 3 - The Teacher, AaI Harvey
  52. Hannay, Edward Kofi Louis
  53. The Human Guinea Pigs, sheena blackhall
  54. A Tanka About Anna Karenina, Chenou Liu
  55. Anna's Favorite, cheryl davis miller
  56. Sate of mind, george albot
  57. Oh Dear Anna, Cody Deleurme
  58. One Piece - Mirai Koukai, Zen Dhosze
  59. FLUENE, Gunnar Mo.
  60. Old aunty Anna’s illnesses, Daleen Enslinstrydom
  61. Origin of maducayan, MELVIN BANGGOLLAY
  62. Rave Dream, Justin Reamer
  63. Le temps qui nous traine, Zohir Amri
  64. She is Beautiful, Lateef Jan Afridi Ab.latif jan
  65. from 'The Gentleman With The Lap Dog' II, Morgan Michaels
  66. My Someone Special, Anna Colb
  67. A Momement To Remember, Isam Hussain
  68. An Abstraction, indira babbellapati
  69. Anna Nicole, Suzanna Chevalier
  70. E.Bagryana, Talk to me... - translation .., Lyudmila Purgina
  71. M.Tsvetaeva, Oh, Muse of Weeping... - tr.., Lyudmila Purgina
  72. M.Tsvetaeva, And the name of baby is - L.., Lyudmila Purgina
  73. A.Akhmatova, I heard a voice. - Translat.., Lyudmila Purgina
  74. A.Blok, The Steps Of Comandor - Translat.., Lyudmila Purgina
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