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In this page, poems on / about “crap” are listed.

New Crap Poems

  1. Put your boots on, Harold R Hunt Sr
  2. You Poets Suck Toast, Jena Crowe
  3. Dry your eyes, GRANT FRASER
  4. Truman Capote, Stan Petrovich
  5. Flaming Flowers, Gabriel Young
  6. Another Day, Another Tablet, Phineas Poe
  7. Prostitution, oskar hansen
  8. Love, Marcel Aouizerate
  9. Perfect Polly, Joe Rosochacki
  10. Diplomacy Or Credibility Gap, Jonathan ROBIN
  11. Broken Record, Rose Bloodthorn
  12. Broken Record, Rose Bloodthorn
  13. Olsson, Edward Kofi Louis
  14. The None Committal Poet, steve stirk
  15. Monday...Monday, Craig Anderson
  16. A drunken rambling about a current pysch.., Justin Tallman
  17. A, Tommy Laster
  18. superciliousness in Norway, oskar hansen
  19. Creativity Creates (The "C" Fe.., Diwakar Pokhriyal
  20. Love, Jamison Williams
  21. Gossips, Leaking Pen
  22. Blowing Away The Cobwebs, Andrew Littlejohn
  23. Roller Coaster Ride, Abby Rose
  24. I got stuck:, Dieury Dumas
  25. A Red Stone, M.A.K. Pathan
  26. Reality TV - (That’s Entertainment), Charlie Parant
  27. Scars, Jessica lee Workman
  28. Scars, Jessica Lee Workman
  29. Because of You, Maya Hanson (mye3)
  30. Trapped, Eloida Capuno
  31. Head Trip, Heatherlee Eldridge
  32. Best Friends, Hillary Unknown
  33. Crying, Emily Wimetal
  34. Drug, Jessie Lima
  35. Stop Bothering People to Read Your Damne.., Johnny Navarro
  36. Standing Alone, Adetimilehin Inioluwa
  37. Birds, rene torres
  38. Pick Up All Your Stuff, Lawrence S. Pertillar
  39. Persistent Poet, Tex T Sarnie
  40. Liquid To Fall, A.J. Ryan
  41. Marissa, Dimitra Capelton
  42. Sometimes, melissa rich
  43. Mood poem (Tired), Riley Beatty
  44. Bum Day, Rebecca Bell
  45. Mother, sophie smith
  46. Counter Tops, Savannah Koonce
  47. Caca Dookie Stinky Stinky, Pablo Sanchez
  48. One Earthquake at a Time, Richard Jarboe
  49. The Crap, the Rotten, the Untouchable, a.., Bernard Jess Sagpang
  50. Work, Martin Lochner
  51. Aldo Krass What A Mess, Johnny Navarro
  52. Religion Is A Trap, Luke Timms
  53. Thick-skulled Ostriches, Ibnu Din Assingkiri
  54. Aldo Is Back, Johnny Navarro
  55. Used, Madi Lynn
  56. Hide and Seek, Kelsey Joe
  57. Moment, James Casey
  58. 'Deemins en' Draegans', Ian McArthur
  59. ~Bi Polar~, Anastasia Roze
  60. So What’s Up?, Terence George Craddock (Spe ..
  61. TIME TO CHANGE THE FILTER, Edwin Baldwin
  62. Death Awaits, samantha bridget
  63. I Hope That's Enough, Jessie Stevens
  64. Healthy Crap, Dallin Bruun
  65. Efforts Of The Underdog, Lawrence S. Pertillar
  66. The Patent-Leather Shoe, Alfred Lichtenstein
  67. Osama Bin Laden, MC ESCHER escher
  68. Only Thing Thats There...Your DREAM, Sammy Peltier
  69. hidding, Eleanor Ransom
  70. Will to Live, Richard Noggin
  71. I Hate Her, Richard Noggin
  72. Only say nay, Tyton Toste
  73. Who do you think you are, wasting my time?, Juan Carrasquillo Jr
  74. will to survive! !, Somia Race
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