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New Jewel Poems

  1. Tagore Song (#13) When He comes to beg.., Tushar Ray
  2. In The Rich Soil, Edward Kofi Louis
  3. From the Notebook of a Poet Seer 1, Emmanuel George Cefai
  4. My jewel, gajanan mishra
  5. The Throne Of Winter, Clark Ashton Smith
  6. Indra's Net [Changed], Margaret Alice Second
  7. Secret Attraction, Dave Thomas
  9. Within Amazing Geometry (REVISED), Margaret Alice Second
  10. Aunty Diamantou, Elia Michael
  11. The Jewel of Life, Roilynn brown
  12. ONE GOD’s measure … 3008-2k13, saadat tahir
  13. Infinite Blue Jewel, Saiom Shriver
  14. Crown Jewels, Saiom Shriver
  15. My Treasure, Geetha Jayakumar
  16. Born-blind, gajanan mishra
  17. A Red Rose, Anand Deshpande
  18. My Jewel, Arunesh Goswami
  19. Haiku: The Jewel, Ancita Michael
  20. In The Shelter Of My Jewel's Eyes, Josh Erys
  21. Oak Tree Toss, Saiom Shriver
  22. People like jewels, Elna Nel
  23. Raindrops, SUSAN TAN APAREJO
  24. How Intelligent, Deci Hernandez
  25. To Suicide Bombers..and All., mazHur Butt
  26. my mighty king, charlotte marie peachey
  27. Mauve, Black, and Rose, Arthur Symons
  28. Tower of jewels..., Jubril Balogun
  29. My man, Savannah Shostrom
  30. Love!, sade mobley
  31. My Love Was Never Guaranteed, Bradley Lester
  32. Treasures Of My Heart, Reymond Bicariato
  33. A Pair Of Earings 1, Miroslava Odalovic
  34. Jewels, Randy Resh
  35. I sought help my succession to make, Emmanuel George Cefai
  36. The night and the morn a wager made, Emmanuel George Cefai
  37. Jewels of the night, Emmanuel George Cefai
  38. How rare and petrified, Emmanuel George Cefai
  39. Simplicity of the Rich, Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar.
  40. You Are My King, kaitreena stwert
  41. My Indian Jewel, SUMAYAH SHEENAH
  42. Glittering Jewels and Pearls, Paula Glynn
  43. Love Is, Elizabeth Lindberg
  44. Treasure Your Pals, Seema Chowdhury
  45. Song Of Taj Mahomed, Laurence Hope
  46. God-Made, Rose Hawthorne Lathrop
  47. Ghazel, Richard Chenebix Trench
  48. All-knowing, (the eternal palace), Yamabe no Akahito
  49. Be Jewels, Naveed Akram
  50. Less Silver For People, Naveed Akram
  51. Sonnet 9, Alex Fischer
  52. Pyrite, Theorem The Truth Serum
  53. stars, Nathan Rubio
  54. Count The Years, Joyce Hemsley
  55. Nature's wish..., Nate Orvis
  56. Jewels-by cauchy3, cheung shun sang
  57. Lady Afrika, FREEMAN DAVID
  58. grandchildren, Timothy Honeycutt
  59. I cannot give you jewels and pearls, Bradley Lester
  60. Outerspace, Olivia Lee Crowell
  61. JEWELS, Aldo Kraas
  62. A Penny's Worth of Chance, Christine K. Trease
  63. Romea and Jewel, olivia helmes
  64. YOU ARE MY MAN, ahmed kakembo
  65. Dogs i think are really cool., Brandon Forcey
  66. Peacock's Symphony - A Villanelle, Sheri Walters
  67. Our National Gallery, Jason Palmer
  68. your my, Bradley Stewart
  69. Jewel In The Crown, Joyce Hemsley
  70. .4. The Wozzel Duck, David Threadgold
  71. Those Historic Symbols, Joyce Hemsley
  72. Night Companions, Carolyn Brunelle
  73. The Jewel, Bella Ravenstar
  74. InuYasha*, Ben Gieske
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